6 Creative Girls Bedroom Ideas

As you renovate your home or yard to fit your taste, you can undoubtedly become preoccupied with your color and decor preferences. What about your kiddos? Do their bedrooms match their style? Are they as comfortable and content as you are with your bedroom's style? 

Include Her in the Process 

Your little girl deserves to have a room that makes her feel treasured and relaxed. As you update the paint, furniture, and bedding, you might want to stick to choosing those details yourself. However, involving your little one in the process can be fun for both of you. She'll feel happy to join you in revamping her space and be more likely to keep it clean as well. 

Six Creative Bedroom Ideas Your Girl Will Love

Your child's tastes will change over time, but you can create a bedroom now that's memorable and lasts for years. Decorating and organizing can be a productive bonding activity for you both, too. Let's explore these six ideas for updating your girl's room and keeping it tidy. 

1. Choose Decor that Reflects Her Personality

When you're choosing what color to paint your bathroom walls, staying true to your personality is likely important to you. As you choose wall art, dressers, and sheets, you'll want to keep your little girl's personality in mind as well. Is she quiet and tidy? Does she have an adventurous imagination? Keep these in mind as you update her bedroom!

Bright and Bold: If your kiddo has a larger-than-life personality, include elements in her room that can be replaced later as her style changes. Rather than painting a neon pink wall, you could opt for flashy sequin throw pillows or a fuzzy yellow bean bag. 

Smart and Serene: If your little one enjoys a peaceful atmosphere, try to avoid multi-colored pieces of furniture or busy patterns in her wall art. Instead, try to incorporate naturally-relaxing stations in her room for reading and coloring.

Sweet and Sporty: Is your little girl a mix of two seemingly-opposite styles? If she's a girly girl who loves sports, include that mix into her room. If she enjoys science and sequins, find a way to make them work together!

2. Pick Timeless Furniture 

As your girl grows up, she might want to leave behind her ballet phase. Instead of picking out a pointe-shoe bedside lamp, choose a lamp that can work with any style she likes in the future. The same idea goes for dressers, bed frames, and desks. Buy neutral furniture that you can decorate differently over time. You can still include the ballet shoes in a wall print or sign for now, and the lamp, desk, and bed frame will last through style changes.

3. Choose Smart Bedding 

If you have a toddler, you likely realize the importance of having stain-resistant bedding. It's no fun to throw sheets in the wash, only to discover an unsightly stain has been left behind. You'd also hate to invest in a comforter and pillow sham set that your daughter will no longer enjoy in three years. A good idea is to find sheets that last and a comforter that will extend through multiple room makeovers. 

A Versatile Comforter 

Find a comforter and pillow sham set that can match your daughter's taste now and in a few years! Choosing a solid color can help with this. Instead of going with the cartoon comforter now, try going with a lavender bedding theme. You can always add cartoon character throw pillows on top that she'll enjoy for the next year or so. 

Microfiber Sheets 

When deciding which sheets you'll choose for your kiddo's bedding, you'll want to go with something that can handle messes and multiple washes. Instead of cotton sheets that break down with each wash and stain more quickly, you should consider a trusty microfiber sheet set. Your daughter can use her sheets to build a blanket fort, and you won't have to worry about her destroying them. 

4. Add a Splash of Color 

Adults can appreciate neutrals. While it's true that calming colors can positively affect your mood, little ones need a space that feels calming and fun. Adding elements of color into the mix can help them to feel a sense of individuality in your family. They'll know their room was designed with them in mind.

Color Accent Wall 

Want to add more color to your girl's room but don't want to commit to painting all four walls? One way to add more vibrancy into her room is to add a color accent wall. You can keep the other three walls neutral to match your home decor, so you won't have to do as much work later if you decide to repurpose that room. Painting just one wall is a quick way to bring life and joy into your little girl's bedroom.

Floral Mural 

Perhaps you'd really like to avoid painting walls if you can. You can still add vibrancy to your little one's room through wallpaper or hanging murals. If your girl enjoys adventure, try adding a forest or mountain mural behind her bed. If she enjoys whimsy, a floral or fairytale mural would add imagination and color to her space. If she enjoys 

5. Add Creative Toy Storage 

Another brilliant idea for your little one's bedroom is adding inventive toy storage into your organization. One of the reasons children's rooms become messy is because of disorganization. How can everything be put in its home at the end of each day if you're not sure where everything goes? Collaborate with your child to create places for all her toys that work for both of you.

Book Drawers 

Adding a place to read is an excellent way to promote a calm atmosphere for your little girl. If you already have too many shelves in her room, consider a book drawer that is easy to access. Her books will be hidden away at bedtime to make the room appear less cluttered and more relaxing. 

6. Invent Easy-to-Use Clothes Storage 

Creating common-sense clothes storage for your kiddo is essential to having a clean, calm space. You'd be frustrated by finding coats and jackets shrugged-off all over the entry-way. If your little girl's clean underwear bin often becomes a shuffled mess, and she leaves outerwear all over the house, perhaps it's time to come up with a new solution.

To clear up drawer space, try putting together an underwear and tights basket in her closet that's easy to reach. When laundry's done, you don't have to worry about folding it, and she'll always know where to find a clean pair. For jackets left on the floor, consider adding a jacket hook on the back of her door that's her size. She'll know where to put her cold-weather wear at the end of a long day playing in the snow. 

To Sum it Up 

Creating a clean, kid-friendly bedroom for your child doesn't have to be a headache. Instead of an entire remodel, you can add touches here and there to bring it to life. Involving your little girl in the decorating and organizing process is a terrific bonding experience for the two of you. She'll feel loved knowing you wanted her to be a part of the planning and feel more at home in her fabulous new bedroom.



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