How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Trying to fold a fitted sheet can turn into a frustrating experience. Even if you've figured it out once before, it might be hard to remember how to do it the next time. You might be tempted to roll your sheets into a bunched-up halfway-folded wad, but there's a better way! Learning the right way to fold these sheets can help your linen closet stay organized. Let's walk through the folding process step-by-step and talk about where to buy them.

Are Fitted Sheets Necessary? 

Trying to convert a top sheet into a fitted sheet would be a frustrating task, to say the least. The elastic corners that hug the mattress edges are there to help you avoid getting into a tangled situation. If you have a little one, fitted sheets play an essential role in keeping their mattress clean from accidents and other messes. They're a perfect solution for preserving your mattress's life and are an irreplaceable part of a well-made bed.

Five Steps to Fold Fitted Sheets 

Let's walk through the steps of how to fold a fitted sheet. No need to be intimidated by the shape! If you'd like, find a fitted sheet to practice folding as you read the steps. Practicing this will help commit the process to memory and make folding easier next time around. 

  1. Begin by standing and hold the corners of the sheet with your hands reaching inside the corners. The fitted elastic should be draping over your wrists.
  2. Next, flip the corners of the sheet, so the elastic is facing away from you. You'll be pinching the corners from the top instead of the inside. The bottom half will appear to be inside-out.
  3. After this step, you'll pair those top two corners together and then flip one inside the other. 
  4. Reaching down toward the bottom, flip one bottom corner into the other. Both top and bottom corners will be in the same position. At this point, your sheet should look like it's folded vertically and evenly.
  5. Next, fold each of the corners into each other to create one big corner pocket. It should be a rectangular shape with the rounded elastic facing you.
  6. Lay the sheet elastic face-up onto a nearby surface. Fold the curved portion of the sheet down slightly to make an even more sharp rectangular shape.
  7. Once your sheet has straight sides, you can fold it in half horizontally. Then, fold it in half vertically and store them someplace cool and dry.

How to Fold Top Sheets

Folding a top sheet is easy! You can even teach your child how to do it so they can help you fold on laundry days. Start by holding both top corners and pairing them together, so the sheet looks extra long from top to bottom. Next, turn the sheet sideways and hold the two new top corners. Pair those top corners together, and you'll have a rectangle shape leftover. Place this rectangle on a flat surface, fold it in half vertically, then fold it in half horizontally.

What to Look for in High-Quality Sheets 

Now that you know how to fold your sheets, let's talk about upgrading them. If your current bedding has stains, holes, or stitching imperfections, it's time to invest in a few new sets. Since sheets make direct contact with your skin each night, it's also a good idea to have several sets available so you can change them often. Take a look at a few noteworthy things to prioritize as you shop for new sheets for each bedroom.


Durability is essential to keep in mind when buying sheets for your little kids. Kids naturally create messes! It's part of their development to have accidents and learn to clean up after themselves. Kids' sheets can often be canvasses for many varieties of stains, so they should ideally be able to endure many wash cycles. Consider buying your children high-quality microfiber sheets that will withstand accidents and other wear-and-tear.

Fade Resistance 

When you're searching for new sheets for your family, you'll want them to be fade-resistant. If you spend time selecting sheets with a pattern you like, you'll probably want that pattern to remain visible. Some materials can fade more quickly than others in the wash, so choose a fade-resistant set to ensure your set stays vibrant. Our luxurious microfiber sheets for kids are resistant to fading, so your kids can enjoy the sheets they love for longer.

Wrinkle Resistance 

Another quality of great sheets is wrinkle-resistance. We all know how bothersome it can be to realize we left sheets sit in the dryer instead of folding them. Making a bed with wrinkled sheets will still be clean, but it's not ideal. Our wrinkle-resistant sheets will keep their smooth shape and look fresh on your little one's bed.

Anti-Shrinking Materials 

As you wash sheets over and over, they may shrink. Buying sheets in a material that is resistant to shrinking is paramount if you want to keep them for a long time. Instead of cotton sheets, opt for microfiber. Cotton tends to shrink, especially when you wash it in hot water. Microfiber will retain its shape even through hot water wash cycles.

Low-Maintenance Level 

When you're looking for sheets for yourself, you might choose a set that is extra-luxurious and requires specific attention. Perhaps you're okay with sheets that require unique wash treatment and high-maintenance. When looking for sheets for your little ones, you'll probably want a low-maintenance set that can handle a typical wash cycle. When a new apple juice stain appears, you'll know you can throw their sheets directly into the washer without a multi-step treatment beforehand.

Microfiber vs. Cotton Sheets

It may be evident to you by now, but microfiber sheets have a particular advantage over cotton sheets for your kids' bedding. They're easier to maintain, and they resist fading, wrinkling, and shrinking. Meanwhile, cotton sheets tend to shrink and fade more quickly. Microfiber is stronger than cotton, it maintains its softness, and it's the more affordable choice. Your kiddos can use their trusted microfiber sheets to build a blanket fort or curl up under them for a restful night's sleep.

Where to Find the Best Microfiber Sheets 

Our collection of kids' microfiber sheets were made with you in mind. They feature deep pockets, so they'll fit mattresses as deep as fourteen inches. Our sheets are 100% polyester with a 90 GSM microfiber, making them perfect for keeping your child warm in a colder climate. Each set contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 1-2 pillowcases, depending on the mattress size. They come in eight styles for twin, full, and queen-sized beds, so there's something to love for your toddler and your pre-teen. 

In Conclusion 

It may take some practice, but once you've mastered folding a fitted sheet, you'll be unstoppable! Having your sheet sets folded nicely can make your linen closet feel organized and energizing instead of cluttered and overwhelming. Perfect your folding skills with your new microfiber sheet sets from Mallary by Matthew. When it comes time to put those new sheets on the bed, you'll be happy to know yours are the very best quality.



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