A Microfiber Sheets Buying Guide For Parents

As a parent, it probably feels like you need to replace something else every time you turn around. Maybe the underwear you bought for your son at Christmas no longer fit. Perhaps your daughter's dance tights developed a gaping hole that you can't stitch.

When your kids' sheets need replacing, should you go with the same cotton brand that continues to fade and develop tears over time?

Microfiber provides a better way.

You May Have Questions About Microfiber 

We all get stuck in our habits from time to time. If you have only ever purchased cotton sheets, branching out to microfiber could seem strange to you. Don't give up so fast, though.

We want to help answer some of the questions you may have about microfiber so you can provide the best sheets for your family.

What Is Microfiber? 

As the name implies, microfiber material contains very finely woven fibers thinner than a thread of silk. A fiber's unit of measurement is 'denier.'  To be considered a microfiber, the fibers in the material must be less than one denier, with some as tiny as 0.5 deniers.

Because such small fiber diameters do not occur in nature, microfibers must be created artificially in a laboratory. Microfibers often contain synthetic materials such as polyester. 

However, some natural materials, such as wood pulp, can help produce microfiber as well.

How Is Microfiber Different From Cotton? 

There are many differences between cotton and microfiber. One of the primary differences is that cotton has natural origins while microfiber does not. When comparing the two, microfiber also takes significantly less time to wash and dry.

When considering the feel, microfiber sheets often seem smoother than cotton, which is another reason why this material is quickly becoming a household favorite. 

Pros to Microfiber 

There are so many more reasons to love microfiber. Let's check out a few pros that may help convince you to opt for microfiber sheets next time you need new ones. 

Microfiber Is Stain-Resistant

One substantial pro for microfiber sheets is their ability to resist stains. Cotton is notorious for absorbing stains and keeping them well after several washes. Because microfibers have a greater thread count than cotton, the thread fibers are densely packed.

As a result, they do not soak in stains deep within them and, therefore, are more manageable for you to launder.

They’re Easy To Wash

Cotton can take up to three times the amount of time it takes microfiber to dry. It also requires less water to wash than cotton does. These facts make microfiber sheets a more eco-friendly option since they save water.

Essentially, you can throw your microfiber sheets into the washing machine and trust that the washing machine will lift any incurred stains in far less time than your cotton alternatives. 

Microfiber Is Wrinkle-Resistant and Highly Durable 

It happens to the best of us. At one point or another, we've all left sheets or other clothing in the dryer for too long. Thankfully, microfiber sheets are wrinkle-resistant, so you can take a deep breath, knowing you don't have to fold them right away. These sheets will also last through multiple wash cycles, so you won't have to worry about them fading, thinning, or tearing even after dozens of washes. 

Our Mallary by Matthew Microfiber Sheets Are Ideal for Your Family

Ultimately, while cotton is the perhaps more familiar choice, microfiber is probably better for your family's sheets. They're durable enough to last longer than cotton, meaning you won't have to replace them as quickly next time. If you're ready to take a chance on microfiber sheet sets, we at Mallary by Matthew will be here to support you.

Let's look at a few sheet sets your kids may love: 

Have Fun with Our 100% Microfiber Dog Bone Sheet Set

Have you ever seen a toddler around a puppy? It's a positively adorable sight. If your little one can't get enough of dogs, you can give them our 100% Microfiber Dog Bone Sheet Set.

Not only do these sheets display a fun design, but they're also high-quality and super soft. 

Celebrate Cute Animals with Our Microfiber Kitty Love Sheets 

Perhaps your kiddo is more into cats instead. You can encourage their kitty obsession with our Microfiber Kitty Love Sheet Set. These sheets contain 90 GSM microfiber to provide warm cozy sleep on a cold winter night.

No matter your kid's age, we've got a set for them! Each set is available in twin, full, or queen sizes. 

Explore the Ocean with Our 100% Microfiber Mermaid Sheet Set 

Some kids naturally gravitate toward summer. If your little one's passion is spending time in the water, they may love these 100% Microfiber Mermaid Sheets! These can be the cutest addition to your little one’s bedroom decor.

When it comes time to change sheets, you can take comfort knowing all of our sheet sets are deep-pocketed for your convenience.

Support Your Kids' Hobbies with Our Super-Soft Sports Sheet

Maybe your little one can't get enough of baseball right now. Perhaps last year, their obsession was basketball. Regardless of the sport, you can promote your kids' love for activity with this ultra-soft, breathable Sports Sheet Set.

If these sheets are ever at the scene of an accident, have no fear. These easy-to-wash sheets won't retain stains, so you can trust they'll look cute for even longer. 

Sweet Dreams and Sweet Style

Branching out can be hard to do, we know. However, sometimes you never know what you've been missing all along until you finally make a switch. In this case, we think you'd be pretty happy after swapping your kids' old cotton sheets for a new polyester microfiber set.

At Mallary by Matthew, we strive to provide your family with the clothing basics that make your life easier! When you're ready to try out the easy-care microfiber option, we'll be here to support you.




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