Nine Fun Christmas Gifts For Kids

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This season brings unique joy to many families each year. Nonetheless, with all of the little details you manage for Christmas parties and holiday functions, you may find it challenging to come up with the perfect gifts for your children year after year. You don't have to do it all by yourself! Let's explore nine of our favorite Christmas gifts for kids and take a look at how to make the season bright.

What Makes a Good Gift?

Do you ever feel stressed trying to think of the perfect gift to give someone? Whether the person receiving the gift is your child, best friend, or spouse, sometimes you may feel pressure to give them something extraordinary. A good gift doesn't have to be extravagant. When you take time to think of your loved one's interests and add a personal touch, your gift will reflect how much you treasure them.

Nine Fun Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love Receiving 

When it comes to your kids, gift-giving can feel particularly challenging. What can you give them that they don't already have? Are they going to compare their gifts to their friends' gifts? Will your home become cluttered? To help ease some of the gift-giving stress you might feel, we've put together nine ideas for gifts you and your kids will both enjoy. 

A Trip to Their Favorite Place 

Has your child been begging to ride a roller coaster like their older siblings? Perhaps you went to an amusement park years ago, and they've asked you to go back ever since. Surprise them with the news of a family amusement park trip. You can wrap their tickets or choose to get creative with your presentation when you tell them about the surprise.

A Skateboard 

Keep it classic, parents. For decades, a new skateboard has been a coveted gift at Christmas and birthdays alike. Your child will be elated to open a skateboard they can ride with their friends. This gift encourages them to stay active while doing something they love. Remember the helmet and elbow pads, and you'll have a gift that they love to use for years. 

A Room Makeover 

Choosing a gift for an elementary-aged child or pre-teen can be easy. Kids around this age often feel that they're outgrowing the room they had as a toddler and want to represent their current interests and style in their space. At Christmas, surprise them with the gift of a room makeover. Whether you choose to execute the makeover as a surprise or choose to let them be a part of the process, this is a unique gift they'll enjoy each day.

A Kitten 

Who doesn't love the delightful presence of a baby animal? Your kids have probably asked you for a puppy or kitten in the past. If you're financially able, this gift is one they'll remember for their entire lives. It might be hard to keep the surprise, but it will be well worth the trouble. Save this surprise for last, and enjoy the sheer magic that unfolds as you reveal this furry new family member.

A Life-Like Princess Dress

Does your child often rewatch princess movies that show a heroine adorned in a sparkling dress? This Christmas gift can take dress-up to a brand new level. Instead of opting for a mass-manufactured dress replicating their favorite princess, try having one custom-made. Your child will delight in the dress made just for them that makes them feel like genuine royalty. 

A Guitar 

Pre-teens and teenagers alike often show a desire to learn to play an instrument. Some even take the initiative to write music and form their own bands from a young age. Encourage their artistic drive by giving them a guitar they can use to practice their musical craft. You never know how an investment like this might change their life in the long run.

New Ski Gear

Do you live somewhere snowy? Skiing and snowboarding may be everyday activities your child's friends love doing to show off their learned skills. Instead of opting for hand-me-downs, give your kiddo a way to join the icy fun with brand new ski gear that fits them perfectly. Don't forget to add quality waterproof gloves and cold-weather clothing to protect them from the elements.

An Indoor Camping Set 

Little kids often crave adventure and imagination. It's not always practical to bring little ones on authentic outdoor camping trips. One gift that encourages both of these traits is an indoor camping setup. Gift them a child-sized tent and play camping gear, and they'll be equipped for their own adventures in the wild (in your living room, of course.) 

A Tea Set 

If your little one already loves the finer things in life, they may have asked you for a tea set. This is one gift you can maximize to create an entire experience. Together, you can host a tea party fit for a prince or princess with your family or their friends. They'll love feeling like they have something special just for them.

How to Make Christmas Special for the Entire Family 

Do you often feel like the holiday season rushes past you? You may feel that you spend so much time preparing for the season that you hardly enjoy it with your family when it arrives. It doesn't have to be that way. You deserve to have a memorable holiday season that's genuinely joyful. Let's explore a few ways to make the season merry.

Keep Up a Yearly Tradition

Traditions don't have to be boring. If you have young kids, you have the unique opportunity to begin a yearly tradition they'll remember fondly when they grow up. Your tradition can be whatever you like – a trip to see glowing Christmas lights or a cookie decorating contest. Choose something your family will look forward to year after year.

Spend the Holidays Somewhere Special 

One way to make the season extra magical is to spend it somewhere unique. Perhaps you live in a warm climate. Consider spending your holiday at a ski lodge or other snowy location. It's one way to spend intentional time away from your bustling lives and genuinely enjoy quality time with one another. Bundle up yourselves and your kiddos in weather-proof jackets and get ready to make icy holiday memories. 

Make the Season Magical 

You don't have to subscribe to the pressures that accompany gift-giving holidays; you can make them your own. Turn down parties if you need to. Dream up personalized customs, decorations, and ideas with your family to make Christmas a time everyone can enjoy. You don't have to go to extravagant measures – little touches here and there help add magic to the season. 


You and your children alike should enjoy your family's holiday season. You don't have to stress out over Christmas gifts and rush through the season. A few minutes of thought and intentionality can go a long way in planning gifts for your kids. When you consider your child's interests and personality, you're sure to come up with a gift that amazes them, big or small. 



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