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LEGO Wear Kids' Jacket with Inner Cuffs and Thumbhole
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Four Fun Styles in Multiple Colors

Searching for the right kids' jackets has never been easier. When you're looking for cold-weather clothing items to keep your kids warm and comfy, you'll want to find pieces your kids can enjoy wearing. Our LEGO Wear Kids' jackets make that desire a reality with four styles in multiple fun colors.

The style you choose is up to you! Are you looking for a jacket with thumbholes and inner cuffs? How about a softshell jacket with a detachable hood? Or maybe, you're searching for the perfect bubble jacket to keep your child warm. Ask your kid which design they enjoy the most to select a high-quality winter jacket they love. 

Breathable Material for Staying Comfy in the Cold

As your kids have epic snowball fights and learn new ice skating tricks, they may work up a sweat. In these situations, having a jacket with breathable material is essential to remaining comfortable. 

Our LEGO Wear Kids' jackets are wind-proof and breathable at the same time. Your little one can play hard and stay cool while wearing their favorite jacket.

Waterproof and Windproof for Ultimate Protection

Whether you're on a snowboarding trip or building a family snowman in the yard, you want your kids' cold-weather wear to protect them against the elements. In that case, high-quality water-proof and wind-proof materials help keep your little ones dry and cozy all day. 

Our LEGO Wear Kids' jackets feature wind-proof material to keep your kiddos shielded from the harsh winter air. In addition, our jackets feature 3,000-5,000mm water column material to keep your kids dry while playing in the snow.

Multiple Pockets for Safekeeping

Kids often want to bring a few belongings with them as the family leaves the house each day. Whether they wish to carry a phone, gaming system, or a toy dinosaur with them, they'll need pockets that can keep their belongings safe. 

Luckily, each of our kids' jacket styles features multiple pockets inside and out for safe-keeping. Your child's prized possession can remain safe and dry, just like them.

Detachable Hood for Customizable Comfort 

When you're outside all day, there comes a time when the temperature begins to rise. When the weather becomes more bearable, your child might want to slip off their favorite gloves and remove their jacket hood.

Each of our LEGO Wear Kids' Jackets contains a detachable hood for the most convenience. Your kid can attach it when the snow begins to fall or keep it detached for sunny weather. 

LEGO Wear Means Serious Quality

Though our kids' jackets come in different styles, they maintain one common similarity: they each bear the LEGO Wear name. When it comes to staying dry all day long, your kids deserve the best technology to keep them comfortable. 

Our LEGO Wear jackets are the best option for remaining dry and maintaining a temperature that's just right. They're the perfect addition to your family snowboarding trip.


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