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Say Hello To Staying Comfy

When your child is out playing in the snow or cold weather, the last thing you want is for them to be too cold to have any fun. You could add a scarf to keep their neck warm, but scarves can be bulky and uncomfortable.

How can you make sure your kid is unrestrained and able to play freely while staying warm? Neckwarmers are the solution for keeping your little ones comfortable in every cold-weather activity.

Warmth for the Entire Body

You might have remembered to grab mittens for your child's hands before your ski trip, but what about protection for their neck? When you're in freezing conditions, no body part should go exposed to harsh, icy elements.

When you consider cold-weather accessories for your kid, make sure to add a neckwarmer to keep their entire body shielded from head to toe.  

Easy Removal for Hassle-Free Layering

We know an all-day snow day means dressing in layers. As the sun starts to bring warmth mid-day, your kids will want to shed their outer coats to avoid being too toasty.

Our neckwarmers feature two velcro patches that guarantee easy attachment and removal. Your kid can keep their neckwarmer on when it's chilly and detach it when the sun makes an appearance. Easy on, easy off. 

Multiple Colors and Two Functional Designs

When the snow starts falling, your kid can stay comfortable wearing a neckwarmer in their favorite color. Whether they love green, pink, or blue, we've got the perfect cozy velcro piece you can add to their cold-weather ensemble.

We offer two neckwarmer styles for your convenience, so choose the one you think would be most manageable under your little one's jacket or coat. Each brightly-colored piece puts the “fun” in “functional.”

Spot Your Kids with our Safety Reflector

When the winter months roll in, the sun starts setting unbelievably early. How can you keep an eye on your older kiddos while they play in the yard as the sun sets? Our 3M reflector badge glows in dimly lit conditions. The reflector's Lego shape is always recognizable, so you can spot your older child to tell them it's time to come inside for dinner. 

The Perfect Addition to Any Child's Cold Weather Outfits

Have you already found a fantastic pair of gloves for your little one's cold weather play days? Perhaps you've prepared your kiddo's outfit with moisture-wicking socks, tights, mittens, an adorable beanie, and a trustworthy coat. Their outfit is almost complete. Throw in the neckwarmer to cover every base. 

You might have a little one who can't wait to go outside and make their first snowman. Or maybe you have a pre-teen who's beginning to show more interest in snowboarding tricks. Whenever they each get dressed for their adventures, you can ensure every part of them is ready for the day of fun that lies ahead.

Keeping their vulnerable skin warm with a neckwarmer is the most effortless addition to your leaving-the-house routines. 


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