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LEGO Wear Kids' Ski Pants with Adjustable Suspenders and 3M Scotchlite Reflector
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LEGO Wear Kids' Ski Pants with Adjustable Suspenders
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Winter Sports, Meet Your Match 

Do you have an exciting family ski trip coming up soon? Perhaps your second grader has recently become mesmerized by snowball fights with their friends. You might even have a thirteen-year-old who gets a rush out of trying ollies on a snowboard.

Of course, you’ll want to keep your family safe with the right gear for each of these activities. After you make sure you have the right equipment, you'll want to have a pair of the best kids' ski pants for freezing weather, too.

Water-Repellent Material for Warm, Dry Fun 

Dressing in the wrong clothing in the cold can be miserable. Playing in the snow in cotton or moisture-absorbing pants could lead to wet clothes as the day goes on. Step up to the challenge of cold, damp weather with weather-resistant clothing. Providing your kiddos with high-quality ski pants can ensure they hit their next ollie with complete confidence that all the snow and ice will stay on the outside of their outfit.

How repellant are these pants, you ask? For some context, a 1,500mm waterproof garment could keep your child shielded from light rain on a short walk. Meanwhile, a 5,000mm water-resistant clothing article might help block rain from a typical storm for a little while. At Mallary by Matthew, our kids' ski pants boast a 10,000mm water column material to keep your little ones dry while they play in the wet snow. 

We also treat each garment with a Bionic-Finish ECO water repellant finish all over the surface material for added protection. Besides that, every seam is taped to prevent water from seeping through the cracks. When your child wears our ski pants, each pant leg will remain secure and tight to their leg. A snow skirt hugs the inside of each pant leg, complete with gripper elastic. 

Two Styles and Multiple Colors for Maximum Fun 

What's your child’s favorite color? You can make their day by picking out green, pink, yellow, blue, red, navy, or black ski pants for them. No more boring hues; they can have fun and express themselves in our functional weather-resistant kids' clothing

How vital is high-visibility to you? Our LEGO Wear Kids' Ski Pants come in two styles: one with an added Scotchlite reflector and one without them. These reflector patches provide you with increased visibility on days when you may not otherwise have a clear line of sight.

When you're searching for your older kid coming down the ski slopes, these reflectors come in handy. Never lose track of your kids, even when they're bundled from head to toe

Stay Dry in Any Size 

Our LEGO Wear Kids' Ski Pants come in multiple sizes to fit your four-year-old or your 14-year-old. The suspenders are adjustable and detachable if you find the pants fit perfectly on their own. You can also customize the fit by adjusting the super-comfortable waistband on these pants. 

With each of these features, you're sure to find a pair that provides a snug fit for your child. Choose water-repellent, durable winter ski pants that your child will love wearing. 



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