10 Fun Things to do When Your Kids Say 'I'm Bored'

No matter how exciting your home may be or how much fun your family is, kids are bound to get bored now and then. If you have a large family, you might be used to having the bored ones join their siblings in whatever they're doing, but that can only work for so long. On the other hand, if you have a small family, your children might look to you more often for ideas on keeping their minds active. Let's explore why kids get bored and look at creative activities you can do with your family when they do. 

Tips for Warding Off Boredom 

Why do kids get bored? As we grow up, to-do lists pile up. We can hardly drift to sleep at night without remembering the responsibilities and tasks that await us the next day. There's rarely time to feel bored of our lives. 

Children are wonderfully different. How joyful it is not to feel the impending stressors each day holds. Boredom is not necessarily a bad thing when it's directed the right way. It can be the gateway to imagination and play. Let's explore ten ways you can turn your children's boredom into memorable family fun. 

Winter Activities 

Does it often snow where you live? When your kids say they're tired of their usual routine, you can take advantage of the snowflakes and make icy fun memories. Here are a few ways to make the most fun out of the winter. 

1. Get Active With a Game of Snow Dodgeball 

If your little ones enjoy sports, they'll get a kick out of this chilly rendition of dodgeball. The game is played the same way you'd play a regular game of dodgeball, with one twist: instead of rubber balls, use snowballs. Make sure your kiddos have quality gloves to shape their snowballs, then sit back and watch the fun.

2. Treat Yourselves to Snow Ice Cream 

Another great way to take advantage of the snow is by making snow ice cream. To make this treat, you'll need sugar, salt, vanilla extract, any kind of milk or cream, and (of course) fresh snow. Whisk your ingredients together into a bowl until mixed evenly. Then add the snow to the mixture and serve.

3. Play 'Get the Hat on the Snowman' 

This is a game even the little ones can enjoy. Have your kiddos suit up in quality cold-weather outfits to build a snowman that's their height or lower. Once they've finished adorning it with a carrot nose and a scarf, hold onto the hat. Have them stand around seven feet away and try to toss the hat onto the snowman's head like a frisbee. The person to land the hat on the snowman's head wins!

Summer Activities 

Maybe it's warming up where you live, and you need to find activities that your kids can do to stay cool in the heat. Let's look at a few summertime activities your kids can try in the warmer months of the year.

4. Have a Tasty S'more or Two 

Summer nights can be positively picturesque or a hot, mosquito-ridden disaster, depending on where you live. One way to make the most of these warm nights is to make s'mores indoors or outdoors. If your backyard is pleasant during the summer, try safely building a fire where you can roast marshmallows. If you'd prefer to stay inside, you can make a s'mores casserole in the oven and enjoy this treat just the same. 

5. Play a Game of 'Colors' in the Pool

Have a swimming pool nearby? Your kiddos can practice their stealth with this pool game. Each person decides on a color that will represent them and waits on one side of the pool. One person stands facing away from the pool, guessing colors. When one of the swimmers hears their color, they'll try to swim as quietly as possible to the other side without the guesser catching them.

6. Sunny Day Car Wash 

Take advantage of the heat and give your kids the opportunity to make some cash. You can have them put on swimsuits and wash the car with soapy water and toothbrushes. They'll enjoy spraying each other while they work, and you'll be happy to have a clean car. 

Digital Fun

Most people want to do what they can to get their kids away from their screens. However, if you're okay with your kiddos spending time on technology, there are a few unique ways they can stay occupied using digital devices. Choose a kid-safe device for them to play with and guide them through the following activities.

7. Make Your Own Movie 

Perhaps your kiddos are pretty creative, and you want to encourage their imagination. They can test their creativity by making their own movie using a tablet or old camera. Let them play around in a movie editing software to see their creation (and acting skills) come to life. Pop a bag of popcorn and watch their final product together. 

8. Watch a Tutorial 

Do you have a child who's interested in learning a particular skill or instrument? Enrolling them in lessons can be costly and time-consuming for you. One way they can learn more about their interests is by looking up video tutorials online. It's usually free, and they can learn at their own pace!

Involve the Whole Family

As you search for fun family activities, you might be looking for games and adventures that are suitable for your toddlers and your teenagers alike. When you get your whole family involved, you not only keep your little ones from boredom, but you help the entire family to bond through a shared experience. Let's explore a few ways to keep the kids, teenagers, and adults entertained. 

9. Play 'Would You Rather?' 

Your little ones and your grown-up children can both have fun with this game. Sit in a circle and come up with silly or gross scenarios one at a time. When it's each person's turn, they'll ask another person in the circle if they'd rather 'have gummy worms for fingers or Cheetos for toes.' The recipient will answer the question, then start over with the next person in the circle. You'll all be laughing in no time.

10. Make a Sheet Fort 

Do you have an extra pair of durable, stain-resistant sheets on hand? Have the adults in your family help the little ones make a blanket and sheet fort. You can make it as complex or simple as you like. Once the fort has been built, you can tell stories underneath or watch a family movie. Building this fort is an experience the whole family will remember for years to come. 

In Summary

Sometimes it's good for kids to get bored. Having little to do can spur their imaginations to become more creative on their own. Sometimes they need a little help, though, and that's okay. As you guide them in these activities, they'll learn even more ways to keep themselves occupied in the future. As a bonus, the fun recipes, games, and adventures you teach them will become beloved memories for years to come.



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