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Have The Best of Both Worlds 

"Boxers or Briefs?" Lots of men have had to evaluate these styles when buying new pairs through the years. The pressure to choose between these styles could be what led to the iconic boxer briefs underwear design. 

Our Mallary by Matthew men's boxer briefs are proof that you can have the best of two things. They maintain all the comfort of boxers with all the support of tight briefs. You don't have to choose anymore; you can have a drawer full of high-quality underwear that provides support and coverage at the same time. 

Choose From Two Comfortable Styles 

When you're picking out new pairs of underwear to replace your old pairs, think about your lifestyle. Do you stick to a routine that consists of reading and staying in with the family? Are you an adventurer who often spends their weekend hiking and cliff-jumping?

Depending on what you prioritize, you can select the underwear that matches your daily life. Choose Mallary by Matthew Men's Essential Cotton Stretch or Mallary by Matthew Men's Athletic Stretch boxer briefs to refresh your underwear drawer with high-quality pairs. 

Mallary by Matthew Durability Means You Can Live Your Life to the Fullest 

Have you ever had a pair of underwear break on you? Years of wear can cause your trusted underwear to deteriorate, leaving you searching for the next quality pair. 

The Mallary by Matthew seal on our boxer briefs means your clothing is of the highest quality. Our Mallary by Matthew boxer briefs are highly durable to support you on all your adventures without breaking, tearing, or developing holes. Both styles maintain an incredible stretch for days at the gym or hikes abroad in Europe. 

Multiple Colors in Each Pack 

Let's be honest. Sometimes, it's still fun to pick out items displaying your favorite colors. When your underwear displays a fun design or color underneath your clothing, that small detail can give you something to look forward to as you get dressed for work, school, or the gym each morning. 

Our Mallary by Matthew boxer briefs are available in packs of three with multiple colors and designs in each set. Choose multiple sets if you like, and you'll be covered for every day of the week. 

Premium Quality with No Tags 

Our boxer briefs don't sacrifice quality for comfort. With fantastic design and comfortable blends, our Mallary by Matthew underwear offers you the best of both.

The Mallary by Matthew Athletic Stretch style contains 90% polyester and 10% spandex for the most flexible stretch in your underwear. Our Mallary by Matthew Essential Cotton Stretch style includes 95% cotton and 5% spandex for the best everyday soft feel. 

These are the best body-hugging underwear to keep you feeling secure and protected through any activity. The tagless elastic stretch waistband means these boxer briefs never slide down, but they'll always remain in place. 

Go ahead and try on a pair of boxer briefs if you haven't yet. The comfy fit and elastic stretch will show you comfort unlike any pair of underwear you've tried before. 



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