Boxer Briefs For The Active Man, Working Man, And Father

Boxer Briefs For All Activity Types

No one knows better than you that your calendar is booked day-in and day-out. Between going to work, the gym, and coming home to play with your kids, your days are always as full as they can be. Wouldn't it be convenient if your underwear supported you comfortably through all your activities? Let's find out which underwear is best for your lifestyle and where to buy the best quality undergarments

How Do You Know Which Underwear Is Right for You? 

Do you know what kind of underwear is most comfortable for you? Some people default to a certain kind of underwear without even knowing their options. Perhaps your mom always bought you briefs when you were younger, and that style is the only one you know. You can branch out and try other styles to see which is most comfortable for you. Let's look at each style. 

Briefs Are Secure, But Tight 

Everyone starts with tightie-whities as a kid. You could have loved their secure feel when you were younger, but now you're not so sure you feel that way. In adulthood, you may have started to feel that wearing briefs is more inhibiting for the activities you do throughout the day. Though they're a staple for many, you may want to consider moving away from briefs and trying a more flexible style. 

Boxers Are Loose, But Difficult to Manage 

Perhaps you've gotten used to wearing boxers over the past few years. You might enjoy how loose they feel compared to briefs, but they might be more difficult under tighter pants. Some people feel that they have to continually adjust boxer briefs, making them less convenient and comfortable. Though they're the loosest underwear, they provide the least amount of security where men need it most. 

The Best of Both: Boxer Briefs

You want your first layer of clothing to be the most comfortable. Why settle for briefs that are too tight or boxers that are too annoying to adjust? Boxer briefs combine the softness and security of briefs while providing the looseness and flexibility of boxers. Let's take a look at why boxer briefs may be your next favorite pair of underwear. 

Boxer Briefs 

You deserve underwear that moves with you each day. You don't have time for underwear that bunches up under your work pants. You shouldn't have to pack a unique pair of underwear for the gym, either. Boxer briefs are the ideal solution for underwear that feels comfortable all day. Whether you're playing catch with the kids outside, hiking with friends, or working on your personal record in the weight room, boxer briefs are the perfect type of underwear to support you where it matters. 

Our Favorite Pairs of Boxer-Briefs for the Active Man 

At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to curate sustainable basic clothing items for your entire family. Our collection of boxers features something for everyone – the hard-working father, the full-time adventurer, and every man in between. They're supportive and comfortable, so you can wear them with any clothing and feel protected and secure. Let's see which pair suits you best. 

Mallary by Matthew 100% Cotton Essential Stretch Boxer Briefs 

Do you work from home? You don't have to have an active lifestyle to wear boxer briefs. Our 100% Cotton Essential Stretch Boxer Briefs are perfect for any man. These boxer briefs are six inches in length, giving you the perfect amount of coverage. They come in a pack of three, so you can try them out for a few days before you go all-in. Once you realize how soft and breathable they are, it won't take long for you to want to commit. 

Mallary by Matthew Athletic Stretch Boxer Briefs 

These are the boxer briefs for the active man. Mallary by Matthew Athletic Stretch Boxer Briefs provide the fit you've been looking for. These boxer briefs hug your body while maintaining superior flexibility and incredible durability. Try them out in a three-pack and meet your next favorite undergarment. 

Why Our Boxer Briefs Are High-Quality 

A great outfit starts with a solid first layer. You should feel supremely comfortable in your underwear. Our Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs feature 95% cotton and 5% spandex to provide you with a stretchy, breathable garment that hugs your body. Our Athletic Stretch Boxer Briefs are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex to give you maximum stretch and comfort while you stay active. Both styles are tagless and breathable, marked with the UMBRO logo to let you know they're legit. 

Underwear for the Family 

Is it time to buy your kiddos new underwear? They grow so fast, we know. We carry boxer briefs and briefs for your little ones, too, so they can enjoy their underwear just like dad. Check out our boys' underwear collection and our collection of bralettes and underwear for girls

Other Sustainable Basics for Your Family 

When it's time to upgrade your kids' clothes, we have you covered. At Mallary by Matthew, we have carefully curated sustainable clothing basics to support your family throughout your activities. Whether you're preparing for your first snowboarding trip or looking for new easy-to-wash bedsheets for your kiddos, we've got what you need. You can go ahead and stock up on your kids' next round of underwear if it's time. 

In Conclusion 

When you're deciding which style of underwear is right for you, the answer is simple. You don't need restrictive briefs or boxers that leave you with no security. Our Mallary by Matthew Boxer Briefs provide both security and flexibility for your busy day. It might be time for you to take the leap and try the style you didn't know could support you in your adventures. 



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