Mens Boxer Briefs: Recommended By Dad

Your dad taught you about lots of things. He may have taught you to drive, given you instructions for cooking the perfect steak, or suggested pointers for improving your golf game. When it comes to the type of underwear you should wear, you may think you're on your own now that you've grown up. Here's the secret: dads know boxer briefs are the best. Let's find out why.

Briefs vs. Boxers vs. Boxer Briefs

Are you familiar with the multiple styles of underwear you can wear today? Perhaps you've tried them all. On the other hand, maybe you've stuck with briefs your entire life, and you don't know what you're missing. First, we'll compare each type of underwear, and then we'll reveal why boxer briefs are the best choice for you and any modern dad. 


Briefs may be the most traditional style of underwear, but are they right for you? Briefs provide a tighter fit, which some people find secure. Others find their fit too snug and complain that the elastic above the thighs cuts into their legs. They may be a good choice for younger kids, but grown-up men need underwear that's flexible enough to move with them comfortably throughout the day.


Boxers are another well-known underwear choice. This style is known for its structured, loose-fitting shape. Boxers are often made from a material that's slightly less soft than briefs or boxer briefs. They provide the loosest feel compared with the other two styles, but you may need to continually readjust this kind of underwear to stay comfortable. Let's see how boxer briefs might be better. 

Boxer Briefs 

It may seem self-explanatory that boxer briefs combine the best aspects of both boxers and briefs. If you enjoy the shape of boxers but want softer material, boxer briefs are the perfect solution. If you like the softness and tightness of briefs but you want more looseness and flexibility, boxer briefs are for you.

Benefits of Boxer Briefs

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of boxer briefs? There are many reasons to love them. As you move throughout the day, you need a base layer that supports you while providing breathability. You don't have time for boxers that get bunched up under your pants or briefs that hug you just a little too tight. Let's explore more reasons these are the best pair for you.

They're Comfortable 

Your underwear should feel good. Boxer briefs are the perfect blend of practicality and softness, so you'll hardly notice you're wearing underwear at all when you've got a pair on. They'll slip under any pair of pants without being seen because of their slim structure. They're snug to your skin with a soft material that helps you feel comfortable and protected at the same time.

They Cover You Up

Maybe you wore briefs when you were younger. You may have felt like briefs left you feeling a little bit naked, even under your clothing. If you want to feel a little bit more coverage over your vulnerable areas, try out boxer briefs. They have all the coverage of boxers with the softness and snugness of secure briefs. 

They're Flexible 

Why would you want to adjust wrinkled-up boxers continually? Who would want to feel inhibited by the tight elastic of briefs? You need underwear that can keep up with you at the office, at home playing with your kids, and when you're at the gym training. Boxer briefs provide the stretch you need to support you throughout your activities. 

Two Kinds of Men's Boxer Briefs You Need in Your Drawer 

Are you ready to try on a pair for yourself? Find out why experienced dads would recommend this style to other men when you wear a pair for a day. If you're looking for a pair to start with, we have two that are perfect for you.

100% Cotton Stretch 

Here's a pair of boxer briefs that's perfect for your everyday needs. Our Mallary by Matthew Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs are made with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex to give you the coziest, stretchiest fit. They're super-soft, breathable, and tagless, too. Stay comfortable in a durable pair of underwear that feels like a dream.

Athletic Stretch 

Do you have a more active lifestyle? Our Mallary by Matthew Athletic Stretch Boxer Briefs might be suitable for you. This style is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex for underwear that move with you. They're durable with a four-way stretch that supports you through hiking, working out, or playing with your kids. 

Boxer Briefs for the Entire Family

Perhaps you're already sold on boxer briefs for yourself. You've experienced firsthand their many benefits, and now you're looking for the right underwear for your kids. At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to provide boxer briefs for your kids that they'll love wearing. 

100% Cotton Boys' Boxer Briefs: These are the perfect pair for your younger boy who's ready to graduate from briefs. This style comes in four colors, giving your kid a fun variety. These boxer briefs are breathable, soft, and comfortable so that he can play freely without readjusting.

Girl's Bralette and Boyshort Briefs Combo: This set of undies comes with a matching bralette for your pre-teen or teenager. She'll enjoy the comfortable 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Both pieces are also seamless, so she can enjoy wearing her underwear without noticing uncomfortable rough seams. 

In Summary 

Underwear is essential to life. There's no need to mess around with underwear styles that you don't truly enjoy. You deserve to wear underwear that moves with you through your many activities: dog-walking, golf-watching, tee-ball-coaching, and band-aid-applying. If you're a dad, boxer briefs are the pair for you. 



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