Boxers vs. Briefs vs. Boxer Briefs

We can get so used to our underwear that we buy the same kind over and over out of habit. Especially as we buy clothes for our children, we may not evaluate whether they're wearing the right kind. Are you sure your little boy is still wearing the right size? Is it time to switch him from briefs to boxer-briefs? When you're shopping for new undergarments online or in-store, it's a good idea to keep your child's comfort in mind.

What's Important in a Pair of Undies? 

Why do we wear underwear, anyway? To start, they're our first line of defense from any bacteria that may otherwise travel through shorts. Underwear also helps maintain the cleanliness of the pants we wear by providing a barrier. They keep us feeling secure in high activity and reduce irritation from the clothes we wear. Let's look at what makes a pair of underwear great for your child.

Stretch Makes All the Difference 

When your little boy runs outside to jump on the trampoline or pretend he's a superhero fighting crime, you can bet he'll be moving around. If his underwear lacks stretch, he might have to stop playing to pull them up frequently. Loose underwear is not only annoying to continue adjusting, but it's also impractical, as it might slip throughout the day. As you shop for new pairs, keep stretch in mind as an essential feature. 

Comfort is Crucial 

Hand-me-down clothes are great. Second-hand underwear would not be so desirable. Maybe your twelve-year-old boy hit a growth spurt overnight and left an unused pack of underwear behind for your ten-year-old to wear. Forcing underwear to fit may sound like a frugal idea, but your child deserves clean underwear that fits them properly to avoid discomfort. To keep them comfy, provide your child with a pack of stretchy undies that fit him well.

Durability Matters 

Another thing to keep in mind as you shop for new underwear for your child is durability. If your little boy's previous underwear started tearing after three months of wear, don't repurchase the same kind. For best results, buy long-lasting underwear that can endure washes and wears without breaking or tearing.

When to Replace Underwear 

How do you know when to replace your child's undies? With your underwear, you're acutely aware of when it's time to bring additional pairs into the mix. Your child may not remember to tell you one pair of underwear is too tight or that there's a rip in the seam of another. Here are a few things to check to know if it's time to buy some new high-quality briefs for your little boy. 

When They're the Wrong Size

If your child hits a growth spurt, you'll be able to clearly see that their shirts and pants no longer fit them. Their pants will begin to look like high-waters, and their shirts will start coming up too high when they raise their arms. When you're out buying upsized play clothes, outerwear, and shoes for them, don't forget to add a new package of underwear to your shopping cart. 

When the Elastic Snaps 

Children love to play! It's only a matter of time before a well-loved shirt incurs grass stains or a pair of joggers develops a tear along its seam. Wearing a pair of underwear with broken elastic is downright uncomfy. That one break in elastic could also cause problems with the pair's stitching and lead to unraveling or tearing. If your child's briefs have elastic that has stretched or snapped, that's a sign to throw them out.

When They're Stained Beyond Rescue 

Whether your child prefers boxers or boxer-briefs, his underwear is bound to become stained at one point or another. While there are many tricks you can try to get nasty stains out of undergarments, sometimes a pair of undies is too far gone. Don't try to save old underwear. Model good hygiene for your little one while he's young, and he'll remember to replace stained underwear when he's older. 

What Kind of Underwear is Right for Your Child? 

Is your little boy starting to look more like a big kid than a toddler? Is he beginning to seem more like a teenager than a little boy? As your child grows, you'll want to make sure you're buying the right-sized underwear that's comfortable for him. Let's look at the differences between boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs, so you can know which pair to buy for your little guy. 


Simply put, boxers are for those who enjoy feeling free. Typically, men enjoy wearing these because of their loose design and comfortable materials. At bedtime, men can wear them as pajama shorts and feel covered but uninhibited. Boxers might be hard for a child to wear since they require adjusting to ensure there is no material bunching inside his pants. 


Boxer briefs are a fantastic blend of coverage and comfort. Your little boy might feel inhibited by briefs as he gets older. He may find the stitching around the legs to be a bit too tight and want to wear something more breathable. Boxer briefs can help him feel loose and secure all at once while he plays. 


Briefs have their strengths, too! As you potty train your child, briefs are a natural transition from diapers to big-kid underwear. As they grow, they'll find familiarity and comfort in the style. Buy pairs of briefs with cool designs on them, so your little one will look forward to putting on a clean pair each day. 

Where to Find High-Quality Undies for Your Kiddo 

Perhaps your child has let you know they prefer briefs over boxer-briefs or vice-versa. Once you've decided which pair is right for your child, you'll want to know the best place to purchase them. At Mallary by Matthew, we work hard to ensure our sustainable clothing is of the highest quality possible. We carry comfortable boxer-briefs for men, as well as durable briefs and boxer-briefs for kids. 

Mallary by Matthew Briefs 

Have a toddler who's finished potty training? We carry 100% cotton briefs for sizes 2T-18/20! Our briefs are available in ten different varieties. Each kind is tagless and features multiple designs to choose from. We use high-quality cotton to keep your child cool and dry. They're stretchy, breathable, and durable, and they'll last through lots of wash cycles. 

Mallary by Matthew Boxer Briefs 

If your little guy prefers boxer-briefs, we carry those, too! Our super-stretchy tagless boxer-briefs have a lightweight feel and will stay in place without bunching. You can buy a four-pack in this style in sizes extra-small to extra large. They're the perfect transition for your child who's growing up and no longer wants to wear his little-boy-briefs. 

Final Thoughts 

Why should you keep rewashing those old pairs of underwear that are literally hanging on by a thread? Instead of washing and drying your child's stained, loose, or shrunken underwear, buy them enough high-quality pairs in their size to last them a while. Whether you choose briefs or boxer-briefs for your child, you can be confident you'll receive comfortable, durable, stylish pairs when you choose Mallary by Matthew!



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