Our Best Boys Bedding Recommendations

Are you looking for bedding for your kid's room? You may spend a long time coordinating the right comforter with throw pillows. You could be buying pillow shams that make their room look picture-perfect. You might even have your kid pick out a new stuffed animal to tie his bedding together. In the process of curating their room, don't forget one of the most crucial elements – sheets. 

What to Look for in Boys' Bedding 

When you've found the comforter that's perfect for your son's room, it's time to find sheets that match. What kind of sheets should you buy for a kid? Should they be super soft or super durable? Let's explore a few essential factors you should seek when you're shopping for kid's bedding


Your kids are kids! They run around, make messes, and sometimes break or tear things in the process. When your little ones are laughing and playing in their rooms, you should be able to trust that their sheets will remain intact. Try to select durable sheets that can withstand blanket forts, jumping on the bed, and any other adventures. 


Your kids should be comfortable when they sleep. If you live in a cold climate, you may often wonder how you can help your kids feel cozy in drastic weather conditions. Opting for warmer sheets is one way you can be sure your kids feel warm enough in the winter and year-round. Go for materials like microfiber and polyester to help keep your kids comfortable. 


Sometimes, you may find yourself putting away your kids' clothes after they've dried, only to have them receive a new stain or spill minutes later. Your kid's sheets should be easy to wash. You don't need a sheet set that requires pre-treatment and a special detergent. Go for kids' sheets that can withstand wash after wash. 

Wrinkle and Stain-Resistance 

As a parent, you're likely used to your kids having some wrinkled clothing and stained garments here and there. It's just the nature of having children. Make things easier on yourself by opting for sheets that will resist stains and wrinkles. You should be able to take sheets out of the dryer and tuck them under your kid's mattress without worry about their appearance. 

Cool Designs

When you're shopping for your own bedding, you want to pick out sheets that you enjoy, right? You wouldn't pick bright orange bedding when your favorite colors are pastels. Kids deserve bedding they enjoy, too. When you shop for the best sheet sets for kids, keep in mind the designs your child would like. They may even start to look forward to bedtime each night.

Our Favorite Boys' Bedding

Are you ready to find the sheets your little one will love? Our Mallary by Matthew Kids' Sheets are all microfiber polyester, extra-durable, and comfortable. Your child will enjoy slipping under the covers each night when they see their favorite design on their bedsheets, too. Let's explore our top four Boys' Bed Sheets you'll adore. 

100% Microfiber Sports Sheet Set 

Does your kiddo love to play basketball after school? Maybe they enjoy watching baseball games with dad or playing soccer with their cousins. You can encourage their love for sports with our Mallary by Matthew 100% Microfiber Sports Sheets Set. Our sheets are available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, so you can choose a size that fits your toddler's bed and your teenager's.

100% Microfiber Trucks Sheet Set 

Perhaps your little guy is in his truck phase. At each new birthday, he's excited to play with a new dump truck or excavator. You might have started to decorate his room with construction signs and work costumes for him to play with. You can compliment his bedroom by choosing our 100% Microfiber Truck Sheets for your little construction man. With 100% microfiber polyester, your little one will drift right to sleep. 

100% Microfiber Cars Sheet Set 

Little boys and girls alike love race cars. It's fun for them to race with one another all around the house. Perhaps your little one has a favorite racecar movie, as well. You can give them 100% Microfiber Car Bed Sheets that delight them and keep them cozy all year round. Our sheets are always wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to wash, so they'll delight you too.

100% Microfiber Dinosaurs Sheet Set 

Didn't we all go through a dinosaur phase in childhood? It's fun to imagine their lives on the earth, and kids enjoy memorizing their long names and showing off their dino knowledge to adults. If your kid is into dinosaurs, you can make their day by giving them brand new 100% Microfiber Dinosaur Sheets. Our hypoallergenic, extra-warm sheets are sure to keep your little one cozy on cold nights. 

Other Basics You'll Love from Mallary by Matthew 

While you're buying sheets, you may want to stock up on a few more basics your kiddos will need as they grow. When you're searching for the best sheet sets and sustainable basics, there's no better place to look than Mallary by Matthew. We carefully curate the underwear, cold-weather wear, and sheets your family needs each day. From Boxer Briefs to Balaclavas, we've got basics to last your family through each season. 

To Sum It Up 

Finding proper sheets for your little boy can be a breeze. You don't have to make bedding complicated. Go with the affordable Mallary by Matthew sheets that will wash easily and last you for years. When it's time to upgrade to the next size, we've got you covered there, too. All you have to worry about is whether your little one will sleep more soundly with race cars or dinosaurs.



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