8 Child Winter Hats Your Kid Will Love in 2021

Kids grow fast. Sometimes, they grow too fast for us to keep up with. As wintertime comes around each year, you may find yourself hoping your kiddo's cold-weather essentials from last year still fit them. Sometimes, a growth spurt comes through overnight, and you find that last year's hats, coats, and gloves need to be replaced. Let's explore a few of the ways to keep your kiddo warm in chill winds or freezing weather. 

How to Protect Your Child From the Cold

Sometimes, a light jacket is enough for a chilly day. Other times, your child needs a little more protection before they walk to the bus stop or head outside to play with friends. You might be adding one cold-weather accessory and hoping it will do the trick. Instead, try having several items available to keep your child's hands, ears, and head toasty.

Keep Their Head Warm 

Though it's debated, one wives' tale claims that your head is the most essential body part to cover in the cold. Some respond to this claim, stating your head is no more necessary to protect than other parts of the body. Despite this, it's essential to keep your child's head covered with something cozy when the temperature drops. Use fleece beanies and other hats to ensure protection that feels comfortable.

Keep Their Ears Covered 

This might go right along with the idea of keeping your child's head covered, but it's worth repeating. A ballcap in thirty-two-degree weather just won't be enough to keep your child warm. Ears exposed to wind chill can become irritated quickly. If your kid's hat or beanie is too small to cover their ears, either size up or buy a cap with ear-warmers built-in. 

Find Gloves They Love to Wear 

If you have little ones, you'll know how particular they can be about specific articles of clothing. When shopping for cold weather wear, take them along with you! Letting your child be a part of the selection process can help them feel a sense of ownership. You won't have to keep reminding them to wear their gloves, and they'll be more likely to keep them on their hands when they're playing. 

Eight Winter Hats Your Kids Will Love Wearing 

Of course, you'll want to make sure your child is wearing the best weather-safe materials outside. When it comes time to shop for hats for them, you'll want to pick out something they'll like! When they help select a warm winter hat, they'll want to show it off to their friends outside, too. Let them be a part of the selection process as you check out these eight winter hats they'll love to wear. 

1. Goggles Beanie

Kids love fun designs. This beanie features a pair of fake goggles on the forehead to make your kiddo feel like they're out on the slopes. This style is a great basic for wintertime and will match their snowboard or ski pants in pink or blue. If your child loves to be silly, they'll love pulling this hat down over their eyes to pretend they're wearing the goggles and trick the adults in the room. 

2. Rimmed Beanie 

For a style that provides more contrast, try this fun NINJAGO figure beanie. This LEGO theme is fun to wear in blue, yellow, or green, with a dark rim around the bottom for added flair. It's super soft, too! Our beanies are made of high-quality materials with stretch for days. 

3. NINJAGO Snow Beanie

Here's another style for your fun-loving child. This beanie features a flip-up rim with the NINJAGO LEGO eyes on the forehead. Available in blue or black, this beanie will keep your child safe and warm while they play with friends. Plus, they can pull the eyes down over theirs to pretend they're the NINJAGO character and make their friends laugh!

4. Lego Beanie 

This cute beanie will warm your kiddo's head with a wink and a smile. Made for the snow, this beanie features an embroidered LEGO character on its fabric. It's available in dark khaki, dark navy, and green, so your child can pick the color they love most. The material is stitched in 100% knitted acrylic for a comfortable stretch. This happy-face LEGO snow beanie is available in sizes that fit kids age four to thirteen years old. 

5. Sequin Beanie 

If your little boy or little girl is more into sparkle and shine, we have a LEGO beanie just for them. This style displays a LEGO face in sequins on the front, making a winking smiley face – or does it? When your child swipes their hand over the sequins, the face changes! This creative style in soft material is available in bordeaux and dark pink. 

6. Knitted Beanie with Pom Pom 

Looking for a beanie that's extra warm? This knitted snow beanie features 100% knitted acrylic fabric on the outside with a microfleece lining on the inside for added coziness. This winter hat adds extra style with vertical and horizontal stripes in alternating colors and a pom-pom on top. Those stripes also arrange in a zig-zag pattern for a unique look. It's available in blue, navy, and pink with added accent stripes!

7. Fleece Beanie 

Fleece is just about as cozy as it gets. Keep your little one warm and stylish in this comfortable fleece beanie. If they love LEGO blocks or characters, they'll enjoy the NINJAGO shapes in their hat's design. It's soft all around with a micro-fleece inner lining. Each of our beanies comes with a LEGO-shaped Scotchlight reflector, so your child is more visible as the sun sets. 

8. Striped Beanie 

Here's another cool style for your little one to sport in the snow. Our zig-zag striped beanie makes it easy for your child to stand out in a bold style they'll love. It's available in pink, blue, and grey with accenting stripes in orange, light blue, and light grey. They'll stay protected from harsh winds and be easy-to-spot for mom or dad as well. 

Other Ways to Keep Warm 

As we mentioned, winter hats aren't the only accessory to focus on when the temperature drops! If your child has outgrown their gloves, consider replacing their old pair with anti-slip striped LEGO gloves. For extra protection, add a neckwarmer! They're easy to layer and perfect for ensuring snow stays on the outside of your child's outfit. 

Of course, you may also need to upsize their cold-weather jacket as the weather gets freezing. As you layer your child's clothing, those undershirts and tights can become bulky. Upsizing in our reliable LEGO wear bubble jacket will ensure your child stays protected from the elements with room to breathe and play! 

Final Thoughts

Choosing protective headwear with your child can be fun for both of you! Our LEGO wear clothes and accessories for cold weather are the perfect way to ensure your child is protected from the snow and wind with high-quality materials. When they're layered-up with our weather-resistant cold gear, they'll be able to play in the snow or freezing weather without worry. 



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