Fun Hats For Kids

As fall approaches each year, there are a few weeks where you and your kids can enjoy the outdoors without any jackets, scarves, or mittens. While those weeks are blissful, they don't stay. Soon enough, breezy autumn will turn into frigid temperatures that require a little extra intentionality in your kids' clothing. 

You'll soon be reaching for their coats, gloves, ski masks, and other cold-weather accessories to ensure they are comfortable in lower temperatures. One excellent way to keep your kids feeling cozy and warm is by making sure they have a warm hat to protect their heads from the temperatures. Let's explore what kind of hats are ideal for a cold autumn or winter afternoon.

Why Your Kiddo Needs to Wear a Hat Outside 

There's a wives' tale that says you lose most of your body heat when your head is exposed to the cold. While that's not necessarily true, keeping your child's head covered in cold temperatures will help them to feel much more comfortable as they play. Ensuring they have a warm beanie made of a moisture wicking-material is still essential for retaining body heat in cold weather. 

Ways to Keep Kids Warm as it Cools Down Outdoors 

Perhaps the region where you live is expected to have an especially harsh winter this year. If you feel unprepared, you may be wondering about the best ways to keep your kids warm in extreme temperatures. There are a few tips you can keep in mind. Let's discover how to dress your kids properly in the cold.

Dress Them in Layers 

You've no doubt heard this tip before, but it's no less true. Dressing in layers is the most efficient way to retain body heat and stay comfortable throughout the day as you shift from outdoors to indoors. As you dress them, you'll want to start with a solid base layer that's made of moisture-wicking materials. Next, you'll want to select a mid-layer that allows your child to move around easily. Finally, you'll want to select premium outerwear and accessories as finishing touches on their cold-weather outfits.

Invest in High-Quality Outerwear 

Is it time to invest in new coats for your kids? Don't skimp on quality when it comes to this piece. Having a high-quality coat in the cold can be one of the greatest blessings in icy conditions. When it comes to outerwear for your children, it's a great idea to opt for a 3,000-millimeter water column material that's windproof and water-repellent. These features will help ensure that your kids stay dry in cold temperatures.

Choose Suitable Materials 

As you dress your children for a cold day, the material of their clothing matters. You may think that thick fuzzy socks and cotton shirts are okay options, but these absorb the moisture instead of wicking it away. The result of this kind of material is damp, cold skin from water absorption. When selecting cold-weather clothing, opt for silk, wool, and fleece for the best results.

Have Them Wear Cozy Accessories and Hats 

When warm summer afternoons turn to frigid autumn days, you'll want to take a few extra measures to keep your little ones warm. The next tip you can try is to have them wear cozy hats and cold-weather accessories that help maintain a comfortable body temperature. If your family usually doesn't wear hats, gloves, scarves, and balaclavas, you may want to think about trying a few of those helpful accessories.

How to Get Your Kids to Keep Their Jacket On 

Do you have little ones? When children are young, they often don't understand why they have to wear a bulky coat outdoors. They may try to rip off their gloves and remove their hat often. As a parent, you know more than anything how important it is to stay comfortable in cool weather. Here are a few tips you can try out to help them keep their jackets and hats on to stay well in the wintertime.

Have Them Pick Out Their Outfit Each Day

This tip may be more applicable for elementary-school-aged children. If you want them to keep their mittens and scarves on, try giving them some more ownership of the outfits they wear. When you let them know they need to select their cold-weather clothes for the day, they'll be more likely to pick items they won't take off halfway through the day.

Let Them Select Their Own Beanies and Cold-Weather Accessories 

Here's another idea you can try to make sure your kids wear the accessories that protect them from the cold. Before you buy all the scarves, gloves, beanies, and socks that you think are great, get your kiddos involved. They may see a beanie with a design that excites them. They may pick out a scarf that's their new favorite color. When your kids have more autonomy in picking their style, they'll be more likely to wear the essentials you buy for them.

Where to Find Cold Weather Basics for Your Kiddos 

When you're preparing for extreme conditions, you'll want to invest in the very best high-quality clothing articles for your family. If you're on a budget, buying cold-weather basics for all of your kiddos might sound intimidating to you. You can take a sigh of relief –  Mallary by Matthew's sustainable cold-weather essentials contain the high-caliber pieces you need at prices you'll enjoy.

Seven Fun Hats to Keep your Kids Warm in Cool Weather 

One way you can encourage your kids to stay warm is by letting them pick out hats that excite them. At Mallary by Matthew, we have a fun selection of LEGO wear beanies that can help maintain your kiddos' body heat while displaying designs they love. Let's explore a few styles you can browse with your child.

1. The Ninjago Flip Snow Beanie 

If your child loves LEGO Ninjago, they will be a fan of this beanie. It's a two-in-one hat featuring the classic LEGO Ninjago eyes on the beanie when it's flipped up. When you flip the beanie down, it displays the Ninjago name in a fun color. This hat is available in four colors, so your child can pick out just what they like.

2. The LEGO Sequin Beanie 

Do you have a little one who enjoys the LEGO world and pink sparkly things? This beanie is a fantastic cross-section for those two interests! Your child will love the sequin lego face on the beanie. It changes expressions based on how the sequins are turned, so your child can have fun with their friends flipping their hat's expression. This beanie dazzles while also being functional. 

3. The LEGO Knitted Beanie with Pom Pom 

Are you looking for a beanie with a little bit more warmth? This LEGO beanie features a fun knit pattern on its exterior, complete with a pom-pom on top for added personality. The interior is cozy microfleece, so you know your child's ears will stay comfortable and warm under the knit layer and the microfleece. You can talk with your little one about which striped pattern they like best for this warm hat. 

4. The LEGO Stripe Pattern Beanie 

Does your child love wild patterns and fun colors? This LEGO stripe pattern beanie displays colorful stripes in a zig-zag pattern. What's even better is that this hat is designed with comfortable knit acrylic and warm microfleece for the inner lining. Like all of our Mallary by Matthew Kids' hats, this beanie displays a Scotchlite reflector on the front, so your kiddo can stay visible if the weather gets foggy. 

5. The LEGO Fleece Beanie with Pom Pom 

Here's another style that combines function with fun. This LEGO Fleece Beanie displays a zig-zag pattern with a frilly microfleece pom-pom to top it off. It features our Scotchlite protector to make sure you can always see your kid in harsh conditions. It's made out of 100% polyester microfleece to provide your child with the softest, most comfortable fit as they stay warm. The LEGO fleece beanie is available in three colors, so your child can choose what they like. 

In Conclusion 

As a parent, your children's safety and well-being are super important to you. When the weather drops to unprecedented temperatures, you'll want to ensure your family has the cold-weather basics that keep them comfortable in the freezing conditions. Mallary by Matthew has the cold-weather essentials your family needs in the winter. Your kids will love their new hats with fun patterns, and you'll love the quality, durable materials that do the job of keeping your little one protected.



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