How Often Should You Buy New Underwear?

If you're asking yourself this question, the odds are that it might be time for you to replace your trusted whitey-tighties. Are they spotless with no stains, stretching, or smells? You might be able to hold onto them a little longer. 

The odds are that there are quite a few pairs of old underwear in your drawer that could stand to be tossed. New or old, there are various reasons you'd get rid of a pair of underwear and replace it with a new one

When Is It Time to Replace Your Undies?

You wouldn't wear a pair of underwear that had poop on it, right? Unfortunately, some studies show that there's, on average, 1/10th of a gram of poop left behind on every pair of underwear you own. 

This amount of bacteria left behind on your undies is not a significant cause for concern. Still, it might be the tipping point that finally convinces you to trade in your pair for a clean one. Here are the six main reasons you should replace your old briefs with a new, clean pair of underwear. 

When They're Developing Holes 

Distressed fabric, tears, and holes are the first reason you'd want to throw out a pair of underwear. Underwear is your first line of defense to keep your bum safe and pants fresh. Holes are not only unsightly, but they can cause problems with hygiene as well. If you have a hole that's leaving you exposed in vulnerable areas, what's the point of wearing underwear at all? It's time to toss them if they're shredded, holey, or tearing at the seams. 

When They're No Longer Comfy

Your well-worn pair of underwear may be starting to pill. The fabric is not what it once was. Instead of being a soft and cozy first layer, it's become rough and irritating. You don't have to settle for undergarments that are scratchy or stiff. Trade your worn pair in for soft, stretchy underwear that makes you feel comfortable and secure again.

When They're Loose in All the Wrong Places

You certainly don't want your pair of underwear to be too tight. On the other hand, you don't want it to start loosening up in the wrong places, either. It's worth noting that loose underwear is also at a greater risk of falling down. If your undies are sagging or stretching without returning to their shape after wash, it's time to retire them. You owe yourself boxer briefs that are snug and soft. 

When They No Longer Fit 

If a pair of undies being too loose is a problem, a pair being too tight is no better. Tight undies are more than unpleasant to wear. If they're tight enough, they can also cause circulation to be restricted. More than that, they can leave a visible pant line if your pants are thin enough. You shouldn't have to suffer through undergarments that are suffocating your skin. 

When You Spot Unsightly Stains

This one might be a given. If you continue to see underwear stains that aren't going away in your regular wash/dry cycle, try these special tricks for removing them. They might be salvageable with a little bit of care and attention. Sometimes stains are set-in and aren't going anywhere. If your pair of briefs or boxers is showing discoloration, it's time to trade them.  

When They Still Smell 

Like stained underwear, there are specific measures you can take to eliminate a lingering smell. More than likely, if you're noticing a persistent odor coming from your whitey-tighties, it's time to give them up. It's not just an unpleasant factor to endure. Undergarments that smell especially foul even after washing should be thrown away

Other Reasons You May Want to Replace Your Underwear 

We've discussed six primary reasons you should more than likely toss your underwear into the rubbish bin. We're all different, though, and you may have a personal preference about why you'd like or dislike a pair of undies. 

You might not jive with a particular style or bright colors. You might be wishing your undergarments had more flair to them. Here are a few additional reasons you might want to replace your underwear.

They're No Fun

Do you want to add a little more personality to your undies (or your kid’s undies)? We don't blame you. Life can get mundane, and you need a break from the ordinary now and then. Your white briefs may not be cutting it anymore. When you replace your underwear, try going for fun patterns that can invigorate your day. No one else has to know.

They're Visible 

Are your favorite pants somewhat sheer? Let's say you chose to wear them on a day when you'd run out of neutral underwear. You'd be stuck with a colorful pair that were visible to the outside world. It's a good idea to have a mix of both fun underwear and neutral to avoid visibility. You may need to add a few pairs of neutrals to the mix if you typically have this problem.

They're Not Stretchy Enough 

Pulling an old shirt out of the dryer and finding that it's too stiff is unfortunate. What's even worse is realizing that your underwear has become stiff over time and lost its stretch. Stiff underwear can bunch up in the wrong places and need constant readjustment while you wear them. You don't have to keep re-wearing undies that don't move with you. Replace your underwear with high-quality, stretchy underwear.

Briefs Just Aren't Your Thing 

Sometimes we end up with underwear and don't even know how we got them in the first place. If someone gave you a package of briefs along the way, you might have worn them for practicality's sake. 

You don't have to wear undergarments you don't love. You're worth the investment for pairs of undies that you feel most comfortable wearing. If briefs aren't your style, it's time to replace them with something you enjoy. Plus, if your child thinks that their underwear is uncomfortable, they’re far more likely to give you a hard time about wearing it—and who needs that?

Your Replacement Underwear

Your replacement underwear should be worth your while. Aim for pairs that provide you with enough neutral colors to be practical and enough fun colors to make things interesting. You'd benefit from a pair made of a breathable material that stretches with you as you move. Choose snug underwear that fit well and don't leave visible lines behind. We have some pairs in mind we think you might like.

Our Men's Boxer Briefs 

At Mallary by Matthew, our sustainably-made Men's Boxer Briefs come in two styles: Athletic Stretch and Essential Cotton Stretch. Both varieties are incredibly durable, breathable, and soft. The Umbro brand guarantees quality, so you can trust your underwear won't develop holes or stretch out. 

These boxer briefs come in various colors and sizes made to fit snug to your body with ideal comfort. You can throw out your old pair and replace them with these trustworthy options.

In Conclusion 

Replacing your underwear is not an elaborate expense when compared to the use you get out of them. Clean, well-fitting boxer briefs are a dignity you owe to yourself. Have you been convincing yourself to hold on to your undies from fifteen years ago just because you think you have to? You deserve better than that. Try our Men's Boxer Briefs to feel comfortable, supported, and clean. 



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