Picking Out The Best Training Bras

Do you have a pre-teen daughter? Watching your children grow before your eyes is a supernatural experience. One day, they're eating cereal piece-by-piece in their high-chair, and the next day, they're getting ready to go to junior high. As your daughter grows, she'll approach puberty, where her body begins to change. You have the unique opportunity during this time to support her formation as a person like never before.

When your daughter's body begins to change, one of the first things she'll need from you is her first training bra. Incorporating a brand new article of clothing into her everyday dress might feel awkward for her at first, but with your help, she can learn to see this change as a positive part of growing up. Let's find out how you can pick out the best training bra for her.

What is a Training Bra? 

If you're less familiar with bras, you might be puzzled about what a training bra is. A standard bra features molded cups to support women's breasts, held by a structured underwire and shoulder straps. A band connects to the cups and wraps around the back where it clasps for extra security. 

A training bra is your daughter's introduction to a more secure standard bra. Rather than featuring structured cups, a training bra will likely feature a soft fabric connected to an elastic band and shoulder straps. The training bra is an article of clothing that can help give her added coverage as she begins to develop.

What Kind of Training Bras Are Out There? 

How can you pick out the best training bra for your daughter? You can pick out a style she enjoys wearing. While a standard training bra might simply feature plain stretchy cotton connected to a band and straps, your daughter may prefer a bralette, a lined bra, or a racerback bra instead. These are all types of training bras that can help your daughter transition into more structured bras. 

How Should I Talk to My Daughter About Her First Bra? 

Having the puberty discussion can be difficult for several reasons. If you still view your daughter as your little girl, it may be challenging to start transitioning into this phase of her life when she'll become grown-up before your eyes. Talking to your daughter about puberty and her first training bra can be a bonding experience as long as you communicate these changes as a beautiful part of her life. You can start looking at training bras together and let her pick one that looks like her style.

Where Can I Find a Quality Training Bra? 

When you're looking for quality basics, Mallary by Matthew is a fantastic resource. We have a fun collection of Umbro bralette and underwear sets in multiple colors. These bras feature delicate support, which is perfect for your daughter as she begins to grow. These two-piece sets are tagless and ultra-comfy, so your daughter will hardly feel them as she moves throughout the day. 

Bra Styles to Try When She's Graduated the Training Bra 

Is your daughter almost ready to grow out of her training bra? Some girls physically develop before they can drive themselves to the store to try on new bra styles. Your pre-teen may already be ready to move up to more serious bras. Here are a few styles she may like to try as she approaches teenagerhood.

Sports Bra 

Here's a bra every woman and girl should have in her collection. This type of bra incorporates extreme support into its structure. Sports bras are made to give women a secure feeling as they race, box, dunk, and score points. Trying to wear a typical bra during physical activity can lead to excess sweating, skin irritation, and sore breast tissue. Consider buying your daughter her first sports bra if she spends any time doing physical activity.


This style of bra is comfortable and easy to wear. This bra may be one of the most natural bra types for your daughter to try on as she explores new styles. A bandeau is a tube-shaped piece of stretchy fabric your daughter can wear if she wants to avoid straps. It's the perfect garment for a girl who wants to feel covered but doesn't need extreme support yet.

Padded Tee-Shirt Bra 

A tee-shirt bra is a classic. This style is the standard bra structure. It features two structured, padded cups connected by a band that connects in the back. Some tee-shirt bras contain underwire under the cups, but you may want to avoid these for your daughter's bras, as they can be highly uncomfortable for someone who is new to wearing brassieres. Ensure your daughter's tee-shirt bra is the right band and cup size so that she can have a natural, comfortable fit.

Other Essentials to Buy Your Daughter 

While you're shopping for the perfect training bras for your daughter, you might be reminded that it's time to update some of her other basics as well. If she's grown, you may need to move up a size to provide her with plenty of clothing basics that fit her well. Let's look at a few articles you may want to replace.

Durable Tights 

Does your daughter take dance or figure skating classes? Reliable tights are most likely a must-have article of clothing for her. When your daughter has grown a few inches, you should replace her tights. Luckily, Mallary by Matthew has comfortable microfiber tights in packs of three to provide her with enough pairs to last the week. These great tights come in eight basic colors, so she can pick out a few pairs to wear under her skirts, shorts, and dresses during the week, too. 

High-Quality Underwear 

While you buy your daughter her first training bra, evaluate whether it's time to invest in new underwear as well. It's more than likely time for her to graduate from her cartoon underwear. Choose high-quality pairs that will stick with her through her pre-teen years. Mallary by Matthew's bralettes come with pairs of boyshort underwear that are both cute and comfy.

How to Boost Your Daughter's Confidence During Puberty 

Puberty can be a delicate time for a developing pre-teen or teenager. As your daughter's body changes, her self-esteem may begin to fluctuate. Media and society communicate unhealthy body image messages that may get under her skin over time. You can support your daughter during this time by helping boost her confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few ways you can promote positive self-confidence in your daughter.

Talk Openly With Her 

As you begin speaking with your daughter about her body's changes, she may have questions about birds and bees, among other "grown-up" topics. One way to help her grow into her young adult confidence is to speak openly with her about mature topics where it's appropriate. Being honest with her about bodily functions and developments is one way to help her feel safer in this new period of her life.

Validate Her Emotions 

You can also support your daughter by validating her emotions. How often do girls hear the message that they're too hormonal and their emotions are merely a result of their PMS symptoms? You can help negate this harmful thinking by encouraging your daughter to be comfortable and honest with you about her emotions. Validate the things she feels, even with increased hormone levels.

Normalize Her Body's Changes 

Body hair is normal. Body odor is normal. Periods and breast tissue are standard parts of being female. You can help your daughter to love her body by talking about her body like it's a gift, not a burden. There's no reason to demonize parts of the human body. Teach her with your language that her body does not exist to please others, and that message will serve her well later. 

Praise Her for More than Her Appearance 

One of the most important things you can do to encourage your daughter's self-esteem is to praise her mind. So often, girls are taught that their beauty is what they have to offer to the world. When you celebrate her thoughts, intelligence, bravery, and skills, you're sending her positive messages that will stick with her into adulthood.

Wrapping it Up 

Buying your daughter's first training bra is a huge milestone. Though this occasion may be met with complex emotions by both you and her, it's a meaningful event in her life! As you pick out training bra styles, remember to take things slow. Eventually, she'll find the styles she enjoys most and remembers the memories she made with you in the process. 



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