How To Wash Tights To Preserve Them

Your tights are delicate, thin, and comfortable. They're the perfect article to slip on under skirts, dresses, and even pants for added warmth. The sheer fabric can also create an eye-catching aesthetic addition to an outfit or serve as a functional under-layer to cover up a bit more. Unfortunately, their sheer nature can cause them to be more vulnerable to runs that leave big holes.

You might have encountered this problem in the past. Perhaps your solution was simply to replace the tights with new ones. After all, they're not that expensive, right? That may be true, but over time, paying to replace tights can become frustrating. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pair that didn't rip right away? We have several helpful tips for washing and caring for your hosiery so that they last you longer. 

What Causes Tights to Run? 

Depending on the way you wear tights, there are multiple reasons why a tear could develop in your pair. If you wear them to work under your skirt, they may be catching the rough edge of a chair. If you wear them as an ice skater or dancer, you might snag them by trying to put them on too quickly. No matter what causes it, a hole in your favorite tights is just plain inconvenient.

One of the most likely reasons tights become vulnerable to ripping is because you're washing them incorrectly. We get it, life is busy, and you don't always have time to care for every clothing item individually. While there's no judgment for throwing tights in the wash with the rest of your jeans and towels, it may be doing them damage. The rough wash-and-dry cycle is useful for durable fabrics. However, you could be compromising your tights in the process.

So How Do I Wash My Tights to Keep Them Safe?

Good news! You have a couple of options available to you for how to wash your tights safely. You may prefer to keep things simple and wash your tights in a wash cycle. Fortunately, there is a safe way to machine-wash your pair to clean them thoroughly without ruining your hosiery. You might alternatively want a more delicate, hand-wash approach, and we have a solution for that. Here are ways you can clean your pair of tights to keep them intact:

Hand-Wash With Care 

Using a gentle detergent, apply a small amount to your tights in areas that need the most attention. Use lukewarm water to lather the soap as you hand-wash. 

If you're dealing with a pair that need to be de-odorized, try adding two tablespoons of baking soda to a medium-sized bowl or sink with your hosiery. Leave them for thirty minutes, then proceed to lather and wash. After rinsing the items and pressing them to remove excess water, hang-dry them for the best results

Delicate Machine-Wash 

Use a gentle detergent without bleach to give your tights proper care. You might have noticed the “delicates” setting on your machine washer. It's perfect for hosiery, bras, and other wash-sensitive undergarments. 

For washing your hosiery, choose cold water to protect the texture and maintain the color of your tights. Another ideal practice is to utilize a mesh washing bag, which can help ensure your delicates don't become stretched and tangled.

Other Tricks to Try to Keep Your Tights Looking Great

You may already be a pro at washing your tights to maintain their integrity. Even if you're familiar with washing delicate items carefully, you may still want to try a few tricks to keep your hosiery safe after washing. There are several DIY methods you can attempt to help preserve your delicate tights. Though these tricks may take a little extra time, they're worth the effort to keep your hosiery in the best condition.  

1. Clear Nail Polish 

This trick is best for tights that already have a small hole that you don't want to spread. You may have a pair of tights that only has a run in a place where others wouldn't see it, meaning they're still wearable. 

If you don't want it to keep tearing and become visible, you can try clear nail polish. Observe where the hole or run began to rip on your tights, and apply clear nail polish over that spot. It should stop the run in its progress to keep your hose wearable. 

2. Towel Dry 

When you've already washed your tights in a delicate cycle, you'll need to dry them carefully as well. You can do this easily by hanging them to dry instead of tossing them in the dryer. If you're looking for an alternative way to rid them of moisture, try laying them flat on a towel and rolling them. Then, press on the rolled towel to help absorb the water. 

3. Freeze Your Tights 

For this quirky method, you'll need to run your hosiery under water and then towel-dry them lightly, so they're damp. Next, seal your tights in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer overnight. After they've frozen, you can leave them in the bag for a day to thaw, then dry them to wear comfortably. This trick only has to be done once before you wear them, so it's a relatively quick way to make a difference in the life of your tights. 

The freezing method should help maintain the color and texture and keep them from developing extra lint. The freezing temperature works in the fibers of your hosiery to strengthen them, so they don't rip later. It seems strange to toss an article of clothing into the freezer, but doing so can keep you from buying replacement tights too often. It's worth a shot!

What to Look For in A Quality Pair of Tights

Another way to ensure your tights hold their value over time is to buy from a reputable brand. A quality pair of tights won't have to be replaced every few months. Try looking for a pair with high lycra or spandex content. More opaque tights will also last you longer. Our microfiber tights for girls are a splendid option for quality tights that will endure over time. 

Mallary by Matthew Kids' Tights 

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Summing Things Up

Noticing a run in your nice tights is an unfortunate occurrence, especially while you're getting ready for the day. Instead of wearing tights with holes in them, you can invest in a quality pair to ensure you get the most wear out of them. Our additional tips for washing and caring for your delicate hosiery can make a huge difference in the long run. You'll be surprised at how long your tights last you without fading, developing lint, or tearing.