Organizing Underwear: Tidy Your Drawers

How's your underwear drawer looking? When laundry day rolls around, you might find that putting away underwear isn't your favorite task, especially when it's for your entire family. 

Perhaps you hand off clean boxer briefs to your teenage son to fold, only to find that he has wadded them up in the corner of a drawer. Maybe your pairs of underwear have been sitting in the clean laundry pile for a week.

Let's talk about the mistakes you can avoid when you're organizing your family's briefs and boxers. Then, we'll show you pairs you can purchase to refresh your undies collection.

Five Mistakes When Storing Underwear

We know putting away undergarments isn't the most exhilarating task in the world. Odds are, if you're reading this article, your underwear drawer could use some love for one reason or another.

Let's check out these five common mistakes you might be making with your underwear. 

1. Never Removing Them from the Dryer

Perhaps you've realized that you forget to remove your clean clothes from the dryer from time to time. When you're getting yourself or your little ones dressed for the day, you might wonder where their clean undies are, only to remember they're still waiting to be put away. Stray pairs of clean underwear often hide in the corners of washing machines where they’re not immediately obvious: This calls for a double-check. 

If your life is busy, these things happen. Still, it's a sign that some added organization could benefit your life and help your mornings to run a little more smoothly.

2. Leaving Them in a Clean Clothes Pile 

Sometimes, you might remember to take undies out of the dryer. Perhaps once they're back in your room, you realize you don't have a place to put your clean undergarments, so they remain in the hamper or a clean clothes pile until further notice. Implementing a few organizational practices can help you to avoid cluttering your room with these clean clothes.

3. Leaving Dirty Underwear Near Clean Pairs

Here's another issue with not having a place for clean underwear. Let's say you have a clean clothes pile and a dirty clothes pile. What happens when your pairs of dirty underwear accidentally get mixed with the neat pile?

Clothing can overwhelm all of us at one time or another. We'll check out a few tips that can ensure this isn't a problem for you in just a moment.

4. Throwing Undies Into a Drawer Without Organization

This might be one of the most common organizational blunders to avoid. Do you ever throw your clean underwear into the corner of a drawer carelessly? While that might work for a few days, eventually, you may realize that you're unable to find specific pairs of boxers or briefs because of this wadded mess.

5. Keeping Worn Pairs for Too Long 

If you don't have a system in place for organizing your undergarments, you might figure out that some old, uncomfortable pairs mix in with your favorite everyday pairs of underwear. You may find yourself putting on that one pair of emergency briefs only to remember how much you don't like the feel of the waistband.

Narrowing your collection down to the most comfortable boxers and boxer briefs can ensure that you never have to deal with random emergency pairs. 

Easy Tips for Stress-free Underwear Storage 

Storing underwear doesn't have to be stressful. You can end cluttered drawers more easily than you think.

Let's look at a few ways to manage underwear storage for yourself and your kiddos as well. 

Keep Compartments for Each Kind of Underwear

Do you find that your drawers end up in a tumbled mess after laundry day? Instead of dumping your underwear into one drawer to mix in with other clothing and undergarments, try using compartments to separate your briefs and boxer briefs from the rest of the drawer's contents.

If you'd like, you might consider having different compartments for each type of underwear, too, for increased organization. Folded or unfolded, this is one step that can make a difference in your organization.

Try Folding Your Undies for a Neat Appearance 

We probably don't have to tell you that folding your underwear is one way to reduce cluttered drawers. Still, it may not have occurred to you that you can fold underwear. Remember, quick and messy is better than no folding at all. Take the extra three minutes to save yourself the headache later on.

Always Put Them Away Immediately 

Do you notice that clothes often end up in piles in your room or your children's rooms? It's not super fun to do, but putting away clothes as soon as they're clean is one of the best ways to stay on top of underwear storage.

Don't trust your future self to do it later; you've got what it takes to make your future self happy you took the time to put undies away.

More Tips for Maintaining Tidy Underwear

Disorganized or untidy drawers are just one problem you might be encountering when it comes to your underwear. On top of that, you might want a few more tips for maintaining tidy pairs of underwear that make getting dressed a seamless experience in the mornings.

Let's explore a few more tips to keep a well-curated underwear selection.

Don't Hold Onto Uncomfy and Worn-Out Underwear 

Perhaps it's hard for you to let go of old clothing items. If so, you may find that you keep pairs of underwear even if they don't feel right. You don't have to put up with tight waistbands and irritating fabric.

You may also realize that you keep worn-out briefs and boxers for too long, even if they're wearing visibly. You owe it to yourself to get rid of the undergarments that feel uncomfortable to wear. Making it a practice to throw out these pairs can benefit your underwear collection in the long run.

Replace Old Underwear with Fresh Pairs 

Once you've narrowed down your collection of undies to the best pairs, you may realize you need a few more pairs to have enough coverage between washes. In that case, consider stocking up on new pairs of comfortable underwear. 

You'll have a comfy, clean pair every day of the week. And with your new organizing skills, they'll be right where you expect them to be. 

Underwear For Parents and Kids 

At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to show you our collection of sustainable basics for your entire family. And yes, you might have guessed it — that includes underwear. 

Think for a moment about who in your family could use a refresh. We've got what they need to stay clean and comfortable all day long.

Men's Boxer Briefs 

We think boxer briefs are one of the best inventions since sliced bread. Our pairs of cotton men's boxer briefs have incredible stretch and durability.

Choose any color you want. Our Essential Cotton Stretch packs are perfect for everyday wear, and our Athletic Stretch Packs are ideal for days when you need a little extra stretch. Feel the difference for yourself.

Boys' Briefs and Boxer Briefs 

How's your little one's underwear collection coming? If your child is in a growth spurt, they might need to change underwear sizes more often than you think. You might consider asking them how their clothes have been feeling lately.

If they're tight, it may be time to add some better-fitting pairs into the mix. 

Girls' Bralettes and Underwear Sets 

At Mallary by Matthew, we've also got a collection of bralettes and underwear for your teen or pre-teen. These aren't your standard bras; you can select a light support option or a more structured bralette, depending on your teen's needs. Both options feature a seamless design and the cutest colors. 

Mallary by Matthew Has the Basics Your Family Needs 

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Keep Your Drawers Tidy 

Your life is busy enough! There's no need to add to your stress with cluttered underwear drawers when you don't have to. Whether you need to add comfortable pairs to your stash or replenish your growing child's undergarment selection, we've got what you need at Mallary by Matthew. 



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