Ten Creative Gifts For Kids

Kids love getting gifts. Sometimes it even seems they love unwrapping gifts just as much as the gift itself. In the weeks before their birthday or a major holiday, you might find yourself stumped over what you can give them that they don't already have. You also end up thinking about what gifts will be easiest to clean up since you'll likely play a big part in that. 

This brainstorming process can be even more challenging if you're on a budget, if you have teenagers, or if you live somewhere away from the city. Coming up with gifts your kids will love doesn't have to be complicated. The team here at Mallary By Matthew is here to explore a few common questions you might have about gift-giving and then dive into some gift ideas you can use as inspiration.

Common Questions About Gift Giving

Gift-giving occasions often entail much more than the actual gifts. Besides coming up with the perfect present or experience, you often have a to-do list for party planning, which can be overwhelming. As you get around to choosing a present, you could be asking yourself a few questions. Let's walk through some of these common questions to help you find the right gift. 

How Do I Give a Meaningful Gift? 

Every parent, relative, or friend wants to give kiddos a gift they'll like. If you love this child, you'll also want the gift to be somewhat meaningful to them. A few ways to give a meaningful gift are:

  • Give them something they mentioned wanting months ago.
  • Give them something personal to only them.
  • Give them something custom-made for their interests. 

With these guidelines in mind, you'll be able to rule out some of the gifts that might collect dust on a shelf. 

Do I Have to Spend Loads of Money on a Gift? 

You might be wondering if a creative gift means a costly gift. As you brainstorm possible children's gift ideas, remember that you don't have to empty your bank account in the process. Though other people might make you feel like you have to live up to certain expectations, you don't have to do anything for appearances. You can give your child a creative gift without depleting your savings account. 

Creative Gift Ideas for Kids 

With all these guidelines in mind, let’s dive into a few ideas for fun, creative gifts for kids. 

1. Create an Experience 

Picture this: your child wanted to spend a day at Disneyworld for their birthday this year, but you knew that wasn't financially possible for you this year. Rather than just bringing out a cake and candles on their birthday, you could choose to go the extra mile. Create a Disneyworld-themed experience throughout your house with movies, snacks, and "rides." It doesn't have to be complex, and they'll remember your effort for years.

2. Make Their Favorite Dessert Together 

This idea is a simple way to make a birthday or holiday special. When you prepare for their birthday party, ask them what their favorite dessert is! They might not enjoy a regular birthday cake as much as cheesecake. Making their favorite treat together lets them know you care about their interests. You never know how much the quality time could mean to them, too.

3. Adopt a Family Pet 

Has your child been begging for a puppy? Getting a dog or cat is a big decision, but a family pet is a fantastic gift to delight the whole family. You might not have the money to take on a dog, and that's okay. Even so, a fish or another low-maintenance pet can be just as delightful as a present. 

4. Give Them an Instrument 

Is your little one musical? If you've seen your elementary-school-aged child playing fake drums on everything in sight, it might be time to invest in a genuine kit. We know – a drum kit is a significant investment and potential ear-sore. This gift might come at the expense of a few quiet hours here and there, but the results could far outweigh this risk. 

Instruments have been suggested to be beneficial for your little one's brain development. Even if you think they're fiddling around on it, learning an instrument helps them to develop discipline, coordination and might even lead to lucrative skills. It's worth the investment to encourage creativity and musical talent in your child. 

5. Bath-Time Paint 

Do you have enough toys lying around the house? If you have toddlers or preschool-aged little ones, they might have accumulated enough toys for a small daycare. Try getting them something creative that doesn't create a huge mess. Bathtime paints are a gift that allows your kiddos to paint freely on the walls and gives you an easy way to clean up right after. 

6. Buy Them Tickets to A Concert They'll Love 

Do you have a pre-teen who's in their boyband phase? Concert tickets make an excellent gift for their birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah. Tap into your younger self here – weren't concerts the event of a lifetime? The rush of singing their favorite songs along with thousands of other people is priceless. Going to the show of their choice will be a memory they'll remember throughout their life. 

7. Encourage Their Creativity With a Camera 

Perhaps your younger one has always had an eye for beauty. Regardless of their age, you can foster their talents by giving them a camera for their birthday. If they're young, perhaps a disposable camera would suffice. If you have a pre-teen or high schooler, you might consider investing in a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera. Your gift could allow them to learn a new skill that could turn into a job one day. 

8. Give Them A Book About Them 

Here's a gift little ones can enjoy time after time. Have you ever made your own book? It's not hard, and there are many sites today that can help you craft an illustrated book with your child's likeness and name. You can choose a pre-made fill-in-their-name option or get creative and write your own narrative. They'll love seeing their animated self go on an imaginary adventure, and you'll love the quality time this gift provides.

9. Give Them a Pass to Their Favorite Place 

Do you have a kid who might as well have fins for legs? Consider giving them a summer pass to a water park if you live near one. 

Your child might not like swimming. You can replace swimming with an activity they enjoy. Whether that's a seasonal pass to the movie theater, the ski lodge, a museum, or amusement park, this gift will keep giving long after their day.

10. Spur on Their Activity with Ice Skates or Rollerblades 

Does your child love speed sports? Maybe they've always been obsessed with ice skating, ice hockey, or rollerblading. Give them a new pair they can lace up for ice hockey or leisurely skating. Throw in weather-proof gloves to keep their hands protected and toasty, and you'll have a gift that's parent-approved. 

In Summary 

While birthdays and gift-giving holidays can be stressful, they can also be sources for priceless memories you'll treasure for years to come. You don't have to break the bank to give your child a creative gift. You don't have to bend over backward, either. A little love and thoughtfulness can go a long way in finding a gift your child will enjoy. 



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