Best Boxer Briefs Of 2021 For Men And Boys

The key to a great outfit is a solid foundation. Your underwear provides an essential security layer to the clothes you wear. It's your skin's first defense against bacteria and other dirt that might otherwise irritate you. You might as well pick out a pair of underwear that you enjoy wearing, right? Let's find out what kind of underwear is best for your first layer. 

How to Know If Boxer Briefs Are Right for You 

Perhaps you've always worn boxers or briefs, and you've never ventured away from these styles of underwear. You may enjoy the familiarity of boxers and briefs, but are these styles right for you? If you've ever thought about switching to something different, now is the time to explore a new style. Here are a few signs it's time to switch to boxer briefs. 

If You Appreciate Extra Coverage 

Perhaps you've been wearing briefs for your entire life. This style can provide a sense of tightness and security, but it may leave you feeling a little bit exposed. Boxer briefs feel similar to briefs with the coverage length of boxers. If you've been thinking about trying a more covered-up style, boxer briefs could be a solid alternative.

If You Like a More Gentle Fit 

We often stick to what we know. If you've worn briefs for years, you could be used to the tight feeling around each thigh. It might be time to experiment with a more comfy design, however. Boxer briefs have a gentle fit that doesn't squeeze your legs or leave you feeling too breezy. It's close to your skin while providing a flexible fit for maximum comfort. 

If You Like Soft Fabrics on Your Skin 

Everyone should feel comfortable in the clothes they wear – primarily on more sensitive body parts. Some pairs of boxers are made from material that's rougher with a more structured fit. If you'd like your underwear to be more soft and cozy, boxer briefs are your next clothing article to try.

Our Favorite Boxer Briefs for Men 

Life is short; buy underwear that fits you the way you like. If you'd like to try boxer briefs, here are some styles we think are incredible. Let's check them out.

Umbro 6" Essential Cotton Stretch in Grey, Green, and Black 

Your underwear doesn't have to be flashy. You can enjoy basic styles that blend in under your clothing. Our Essential Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs are comfortable enough that you'll forget you're wearing them while feeling secure all day. This style of underwear features 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a breathable, soft fit. These boxer briefs are tagless, too, so you won't have to readjust them for comfort all day long. 

Umbro 6" Men's Athletic Stretch in White, Navy, and Green 

Are you the athletic type? You may find yourself sweating more frequently and needing more flexible underwear than the average man. Let Our Athletic Stretch Boxer Briefs provide the secure comfort you need in a pair of underwear. These boxer briefs are stitched with 90% polyester and 10% spandex to provide a body-hugging fit that allows you to move throughout your activities. 

Our Favorite Boys' Boxer Briefs 

Got a little adventurer in your family? Maybe your son has indicated that his briefs are uncomfortable, and he wants to wear underwear that matches his older brothers. You may consider graduating him from briefs to boxer briefs. Let's explore a couple of comfy pairs with designs he might enjoy.

Mallary by Matthew 100% Cotton Boys' Boxer Briefs

When your little one expresses interest in boxer briefs, we have the pairs you'll both love. Our Mallary by Matthew 100% Cotton Boys' Boxer Briefs are available in two color varieties, so your child can select the style he prefers. They're super-soft and tagless with a featherweight feel. Our boxer briefs are available in boys' sizes two-to-twelve, so there's a pair for every guy in your family. 

Is Your Little Boy Not Quite Ready for Briefs? 

Sometimes, little ones want to emulate the clothes and habits that belong to their older siblings and parents. Your son may want to try out boxer briefs to feel like a "big boy." If he tries them out and doesn't enjoy the way they fit, you can always go back to comfortable briefs. Here are a couple of our best boys' briefs:

Our 100% Cotton Boys' Solid-Color Briefs 

Maybe your kiddo wants to move up from tractors and toy cars on his undies, but he's not quite ready for boxer briefs. Our pack of 100% Cotton Boys' Briefs in solid colors is a terrific solution to bridge the gap. He can enjoy underwear that makes him feel like a big kid and feels snug and secure in the style he enjoys. 

Our 100% Cotton Boys' Patterned Briefs 

Do you have a toddler who's just entered his toy car phase? You can surprise him with underwear that lights up his day. Our Mallary by Matthew 100% Cotton Boys' Briefs are also available in fun patterns displaying buses, cars, and motorcycles. When you show these to your little one, he'll be so happy to see cars and trucks on his whitey-tighties that he'll want to get dressed all by himself. 


Trying out a new style of underwear may feel a little different at first, but change can be a good thing. Boxer briefs are one of the most relaxed styles that can protect your vulnerable areas with a soft, secure feel. There's no need to stick to the old pairs of briefs you're tired of wearing. Treat your bum to boxer briefs that help you feel free and comfortable all day.



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