Choosing the Right Boxer Briefs for Men Doesn't Have To Be a Chore

Can we be honest for a moment? It's hard to know what underwear to buy sometimes. With all the varieties out there, how can you be sure whether the style you've been wearing for years is the best kind for you? Have you ever stopped to think that your favorite pair of underwear is still out there waiting for you to find it?

If you've ever felt this way, we're here to help. Let's look through the characteristics you should look for in boxer briefs.

How To Tell If Boxer Briefs Are Best for You 

Perhaps while on a date, someone has asked you whether you prefer boxers or briefs. While some people venture out to try new underwear styles, the truth is that most people stick with what they know.

If you've stayed true to either boxers or briefs your entire life, there's something to be said about your loyalty. Regardless, we think you're missing out on the best variety of underwear: boxer briefs. 

Before exploring this style, let's go over some reasons people might enjoy boxers and briefs. Then, we'll discover why boxer briefs are the best. 

All About Boxers 

Boxers are well-known for being ultra-loose for the free man. If you've always worn boxers, you may appreciate how unrestrained you feel while wearing them. Boxers are the most structured kind of underwear with a visible shorts design to them.

Some opt to wear boxers as shorts on more relaxed days since they appear so much like shorts. They're great for a day off, but how do they perform on days when wearing real pants is required? In this case, some find that boxers feel awkward underneath. 

The Low-Down on Briefs 

Perhaps you've worn briefs for your entire life. You may appreciate the way these feel against your skin or prefer less coverage. Briefs are most known for having the tightest material around your vulnerable areas, and tights seams around your thighs. While some people may like the compression of briefs, another option offers comfort and a snug fit, too.

Let's find out why boxer briefs are the best.

The Magic of Boxer Briefs 

Your underwear is your first defense against the outside world and contains the material that comes into contact with your skin most. Boxer briefs feature all the security of briefs with the laid-back feel of boxers.

At Mallary by Matthew, our men's boxer briefs are perfect for your day at home, at the office, or on a hike. In just a moment, we'll explore Mallary by Matthew boxer briefs that will be perfect for your lifestyle.  

What To Look For in Boxer Briefs 

When you finally decide that boxer briefs are right for you, you might wonder how to find the very best kind. When you're looking for the most supportive, long-lasting boxer briefs, there are a couple of essential characteristics you should look for: stretch and durability.

Luckily, at Mallary by Matthew, our underwear sets are designed to last through multiple wears with supreme comfort and flexibility. In just a moment, we'll show you a couple of our favorite high-stretch, durable styles to support you where you need it most. 

Go for Pairs That Match Your Style 

In addition to looking for flexibility and endurance, your underwear should match who you are. You might have seen your father stick to white briefs as you grew up, but you're free to make your own decisions. If you're a fun person, there's no reason to limit yourself to neutral underwear colors for practicality's sake.

You deserve every bit of self-expression down to your boxer briefs. Luckily, our assortment of boxer briefs comes in a variety of neutrals and expressive colors. 

The Best Mallary by Matthew Boxer Briefs for Men 

Is it time to replace your old briefs? If you're ready to take the leap and try out this modern underwear style, you don't have to look any further. Our collection of Mallary by Matthew Men's Boxer Briefs provides a body-hugging fit and a comfort every man can enjoy.

Let's explore our top two boxer brief styles to determine which one will fit your lifestyle best. 

Umbro Essential Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs 

Most men don't look for fancy underwear. If you're looking for a few new pairs of everyday underwear, you can find high-quality pairs that fit you like a glove and support your daily activities.

Your boxer briefs should keep you feeling secure at work, school, and home with maximum comfort and flexibility. Our Umbro Essential Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs feel relaxed yet dependable. They're so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing underwear at all. 

Umbro Athletic Boxer Briefs 

Did you know you should have a special kind of underwear if you're going to be active? If your life is filled with exploration in the wild outdoors, you deserve high-quality athletic underwear that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Our Umbro Athletic Boxer Briefs were made with you in mind and provide an athletic performance four-way stretch. They're ninety percent polyester and ten percent spandex for a breathable, super-soft feel.

Don’t Get Boxed In 

Right now, you're either realizing it's time to take the plunge to invest in underwear you enjoy, or you're telling yourself reasons why it isn't time to replace your old underwear. While there are easy household tricks you can try to make your old undies feel fresh, sometimes it's time to show yourself some love and put a few new pairs into your rotation.

When you decide to treat yourself to body-hugging underwear, our Mallary by Matthew boxer briefs will be here to support you. 



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