Four Best Boys Bedroom Ideas

Your living room is finally looking like the welcoming space you dreamed it could be. After months of weekend projects, it's nice to have a place for all your belongings and be able to relax at the end of each day. Parents naturally focus on renovating their bedroom, kitchen, and living areas to feel more comfortable. Does your child feel the same way about their room? Let's explore some of the best boy's bedroom ideas as you dream up the perfect space for your little one. 

How to Choose A Theme 

Before anything, it's helpful to choose a theme. Ask your child what his favorite color is, what his favorite animal is, or select his favorite toy to play with. As a parent, you can decide whether these favorite things are more prominent or secondary elements in his room. To come up with a cohesive theme, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pick Something Timeless 

Perhaps your little one loves dinosaurs now, and it's all he can talk about. To avoid going crazy with a theme that only sticks for a year or two, choose a more general theme that can be easily updated as his hobbies change through the years. Choosing a peaceful neutral theme or an industrial wooden theme are two examples that can be modified over time to match your kiddo's current interests. 

Pick Something He Loves 

Does your little guy love rocketships? Even if you choose a neutral theme, you can still incorporate the exciting world of space into his room in posters, wall art, and throw pillows. By indulging in his interests, he'll know he is celebrated and important to you.

Pick Something He'll Grow Into 

If your little boy is 18 months old, he may not have distinguished hobbies yet. Choosing something he can grow into is essential in making sure his room lasts years. Does he often bring books to you so you'll read to him? You could choose wall art displaying some of the children's stories he might enjoy reading when he's older. If he's active, you might decorate with sports-themed elements

Our 5 Favorite Bedroom Ideas 

Decorating your child's room can be so much fun for you and them both. 

Now that we have a few guiding principles in mind, let's look more at four bedroom ideas we love. 

1. Add Color 

This decade's trend is to decorate spaces with neutral colors, emphasizing grey, white, and taupe. This is brilliant for adults! Your child might prefer to see their favorite color incorporated into their room, though. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to do this without painting all four of their walls bright pink or neon blue. Let's look at a few options for adding color. 

Color Accent Wall 

If you'd prefer your child's room to be a mostly neutral space, you can compromise and add a color accent wall. Your little boy may love green! You could paint one wall a calming emerald green, then decorate the other walls with framed greenery art pieces or cute dinosaur prints. This is a perfect way to keep their place serene yet full of life.

Mural Mountains 

Another great trick for adding color to your little boy's room is to incorporate mural art on one wall. Try painting simple blue, green, and grey mountains on one wall to add a sense of adventure and depth to your kiddo's room. They'll love that their room has something special just for them and may enjoy the style even more as they grow older. 

2. Creative Toy Storage 

Don't you hate stumbling over toy cars that your child left all over the floor? Kids' rooms can easily become messy quickly. One way to make clean-up easier is to have a place for your child's toys that's easy to remember. 

Magnetic Toy Car Strip 

If your little boy loves toy cars, you don't want them all over the place at the end of each day. Adding a few magnetic strips to your child's wall can make it easier than ever to clean up after playtime is over. If a magnetic strip seems like too much to pull off, try adding a shallow shelf that your boy can reach to put small toys in their place when the time comes.

Ball Storage 

Maybe cars aren't your little guys' thing. If you often find softballs, rubber balls, and other balls spread all over the house, you might be looking for a better home for them. Try keeping them in a giant net below a basketball hoop. Your little boy can throw each ball through the hoop and into their storage place without even knowing it.

3. Choose Practical Bedding 

Depending on your child's age, he may still be having accidents in the middle of the night. Make it easier for yourself to wash soiled bedding instead of ending up with stained sheets and pillowcases. When you choose your child's bedding, you'll want to select a comforter that's comfy and long-lasting, as well as durable sheets that make sense.

A Versatile Comforter 

You'll want some elements of your kiddo's room to last years. By choosing a neutral, comfy comforter, they'll be able to keep the same fluffy bedding they love when the rest of their room changes. A muted blue comforter could match a sports-themed room at five-years-old or a band-themed room at sixteen.

Microfiber Sheets 

Why are microfiber sheets a great idea for you? If you have a little boy who makes messes easily, clean-up is a breeze. Our micro-fiber sheets are more stain-resistant than cotton sheets. They'll also last through a greater number of washes without losing their quality, so you can keep using them throughout your little one's childhood. 

4. Invent Straightforward Clothes Storage

Are your child's clothes often thrown all over the room? This messy situation might be happening because he can't access a place to put his clothes away easily. By making child-accessible storage available to him, he'll feel more ownership over putting his clothes away. 

Coat Rack 

If you live in a climate with cold weather, here's a room idea for you. Try adding a coat rack that's your child’s size behind his bedroom door, so he knows exactly where to hang his cold-weather gear. You could also add a bucket next to the coat rack where he can drop his mittens and hats. Your little boy will know where to put his clothes when you come inside, and you'll have less work to do. 

Underwear Bin 

Do you get tired of folding your three-year-old's undies? As your little one starts trying to dress himself each day, he may dig through your carefully-folded work to find his favorite pair. Instead, try adding an easily-reachable underwear bin that he can pull out anytime he needs a new pair. No folding required – just easy-to-find clean undies that work for both of you. 

To Sum it Up 

As you decorate your little boy's room, keep him involved! Your child's room shouldn't have to be an unpleasant space. You can create solutions that work to keep your house clean while incorporating the colors, toys, and characters he enjoys. He'll feel happy to be a part of your project and be excited to put toys and clothes in their new homes



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