Our Top Selections For Girls Bedding

When you're a parent, you're likely shopping for your kids often. You make grocery lists to ensure you buy the right snacks. When school rolls around, you ensure they have all the supplies they need. On birthdays and Christmas, you look for toys, clothing basics, games, and electronics that will light up their world. 

With all of those concerns, shopping for their bedding shouldn't be another demanding process. You can easily find girls' sheet sets you and your daughter will both love. 

What Makes Quality Bedding?

You want the best for your kids! It's natural. When you're looking for bedding, it can be hard to know what kiddos actually need in a sheet set. Should you opt for high thread counts and extra-fine linens? Should you choose cotton or micro-fiber? Before we look at the best options for quality kids' bedding, let's explore what makes sheet sets high in quality. 

Look for Durability 

Your kids are kids. They might be sugar, spice, and everything nice, but that doesn't mean they don't still have their accidents. When you're choosing sheet sets and bedding for your little one's room, consider their stage of life. 

If you regularly have to wash sheets after accidents, you should prioritize bedding that will last throughout many wash cycles without breaking down. Durability should be a prime factor you seek in sheets and bedding for your little girl.

Opt for Comfortability 

If you were shopping for your own bedding, you'd likely select sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter based on what you'd enjoy feeling each night. When selecting your little one's bedding, keep their comfort in mind as well. No one wants to sleep on scratchy, uncomfortable sheets. You can help them stay cozy by finding sheets that are soft enough to help them fall asleep.

Choose Styles Your Kiddo Loves 

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to little girls. Your kid might like princesses and fairies, or she might be more into soccer and puppy dogs. When you're shopping for the perfect kids' sheet set, keep your little girls' style in mind. When she sees that you picked sheets that match her style, she will feel loved and considered.

Good Kids’ Bedding Is Affordable

Like we mentioned, of course, you want the best for your kids. Sometimes adult-quality bedding for kids' is neither reasonable nor affordable. When you select the right sheets for your kiddo, you should keep costs in mind. You can find styles they love that stay within your budget. 

Kids Bedding Should Be Multi-Purpose 

Imagination is something wonderful about childhood. Kids often can turn household objects into costumes and props for their playtime with one another. Plastic bowls may turn into helmets, and sheets may become royal capes or walls in a blanket fort. You can buy durable sheets that last through accidents and adventures alike. 

The Best Options for Girls' Bedding

You may be thinking that there's no way to prioritize affordability, durability, your kids' style, and comfortability all at once. Thankfully, there is a way. With these five options for girls' bedding, you can choose durable sheets and pillowcases that are perfect for your budget. Let's explore styles you'll both love. 

Fun and Fruity 

Every kid is different. Some are calm and gentle, while others are loud and full of bright energy. For sheets and pillowcases that match your daughters' outgoing nature, consider our Flamingos and Pineapples Sheet Set. These fun sheets come in twin, full, and queen sizes, so they're perfect for your little one or your teenager. 

Every Day Is a Fairy Tale 

Does your little girl love whimsical environments and dreamy fairytale stories? You can buy her sheets that she'll love with our Super-Soft Micro-Fiber Fairy Tale Sheet Set. They're strong enough to be used in imaginary playtime, and they're soft enough to help your little girl drift to sleep. These sheets are a cozy 100% polyester, so they're perfect for cooler climates.

Puppy Love 

Perhaps your little one adores dogs. If that's the case, our 100% Micro-Fiber Dog Bone Sheets could be a terrific match for your kiddo's bedding. At Mallary by Matthew, we make our sheets durable enough to withstand multiple washes without colors fading or fabric wearing down. Our Sheets are stain and wrinkle-resistant, too, making them an ideal bedding option for kiddos. 

Fun and Games 

Your little girl might be into sports! You can encourage her love for rough and tumble play by purchasing our high-quality 100% Microfiber Sheet Set. Our Sheets are always warm, cozy, and hypoallergenic. Your daughter will love how comfortable her sheets are, and you'll love how soft and strong they are. 

Adventures in Paris 

Here's our top choice for girls' bedding you and your daughter will both adore. Our 100% Micro-Fiber Bonjour Paris Sheet Set combines whimsy with comfortability. Not only are these sheets chic and oh-so-comfy, but they're easy to wash as well. They're wrinkle and stain-resistant. Your daughter will love her dreamy Parisian sheets, and you'll enjoy how easy it is to take care of them. 

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In Conclusion 

When it's time to buy sheets for your little girl, there is a way to combine affordability with comfort, style, and durability. Our 100% Micro-Fiber Sheets are proof! Ask your daughter which sheet set she likes best, and let us take care of the rest. She'll be sleeping like a princess or a star athlete in no time. 



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