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Help Your Kids Have the Best Snow Day Ever

After zipping up your child's jacket and securing their favorite LEGO Wear beanie in place, don't forget about their hands! When your kids run out the door to have a fierce snowball fight, they won't want to be distracted by thin, low-quality gloves that leave their hands damp from the cold. 

Wearing a pair of high-quality gloves or mittens can make a world of difference on their snow day. With multiple sizes, the best grip technology, water resistance, and fun designs, our LEGO Wear Kids' gloves and mittens are the best for the job.

The Best Gloves and Mittens for Toddlers and Big Kids Alike

If you live in a cold climate, you'll want premium protection for your kids. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, our high-quality gloves and mittens can provide them with the best protection from snow, ice, freezing wind, and more. 

Our LEGO Wear mittens are available in sizes nine to 12 months and 13-14 years to keep your kids' hands cozy. And our LEGO Wear kids' gloves are available for your kids from ages four to 14. With our wide size variety, there's a perfect fit for every kid. 

Anti-Slip Material Means Getting a Better Grip 

Not only are these gloves and mittens super comfy, but they're practical, too. The PU anti-slip material on each palm makes for a grip that holds even through wet snow and ice. This quality grip means your kids can play games outdoors without taking their gloves off. They can maintain the best grip and keep warm at the same time. 

Our Velcro Strap Keeps Gloves and Mittens Secure 

When your kids are playing in the freezing weather, being able to move freely is essential. It's no fun to have to keep adjusting too-loose beanies and gloves that keep falling off. Our LEGO Wear Kids' gloves and mittens feature a velcro adjustable strap to keep them securely in place. Your kids can build the best snowman or go ice skating without worrying about adjusting (or losing) their mittens.

Water Resistance Means Even More Fun 

Let's imagine your family is going on a ski trip soon. When your children explore the slopes for the first time, they'll need gloves that keep their hands warm and dry. They may fall a few times while trying to catch their balance, and landing on the snow with thin gloves can leave their hands wet. 

When they wear LEGO Wear kids' gloves or mittens, they won't have to worry about freezing hands. Our Fan-Tex membrane provides a waterproof layer to prevent melting snow and ice from saturating your kiddos' gloves. 

Multiple Colors Make for the Coolest Cold Weather Wear 

These Mallary by Matthew gloves and mittens aren't just excellent quality; they're also fun to wear! Your kiddos can choose between solid black, navy, blue, and pink, or they can choose a striped design in pink, blue, or green. Let your little one pick out their favorite design, and they'll have a pair of gloves that's super adorable and perfect for any day spent in the snow. 



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