Gloves Vs. Mittens: Which is Better?

It's easy to remember to layer up and wear your coat to stay warm during the wintertime. When you're thinking about what to wear on cold days, you'll likely focus on moisture-wicking leggings, weather-resistant pants, and dependable boots. You might even remember to grab a beanie on the way out the door. There's one more area of your body to shield from the cold: your hands!

Did you know your hands play a vital role in your overall warmth? Keeping them cozy on chilly days is more practical than comfortable or fashionable. Gloves and mittens can help maintain body heat that would otherwise escape through cold hands. Gloves and mittens are essential elements of cold weather wear. But which is right for you?

So What's the Difference?

Are gloves and mittens that different from each other? Believe it or not, these two kinds of accessories have unique advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your cold-weather activity, you might choose one over the other for yourself or your child. In the end, it all depends on your preference. Let's explore some of the differences between the two:

1. Finger Coverage

Maybe you've always thought gloves and mittens were synonymous with one another. They are actually distinct in their features, with their design being the most apparent difference. 

Gloves provide individual coverage for each finger, joining at the palm to warm your hands to the wrist. Mittens are one piece of material that covers your wrist, palm, and all of your fingers except your thumb, which has its own covering. 

2. Mobility 

The second difference is mobility. If you put on a pair of gloves, you'd more easily be able to hold items you brought with you, open doors, push buttons, tie shoes, among many other things. 

Wearing mittens is a bit different. Mittens provide much less mobility in exchange for a little extra warmth. It may be more difficult to complete everyday tasks while wearing them. 

Pros and Cons

Along with their unique differences come unique pros and cons. There are different contexts where you may prefer gloves and others where you may prefer mittens. If you're still undecided for yourself or your child about which is best for you, you may want to consider these distinctions. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each style. 

Pros of Mittens

Mittens provide you an advantage that is slightly more lacking in gloves: warmth. When you're in freezing conditions, every little bit of heat is crucial to staying comfortable. Because your fingers can share body warmth, they stay cozy for longer than your fingers could with gloves. Their design is also more straightforward, meaning it's easy to slip them on and off quickly. This means that they’re especially great for kids. 

Cons of Mittens

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to mittens. While they provide the most heat to one of your extremities, dexterity becomes much harder with mittens. They also create the possibility of sweaty, clammy hands if they're made of a material that absorbs liquid instead of wicking it away. You definitely will want to consider a pair of quality mittens if they're your preference.

Pros of Gloves

Gloves have distinct advantages, too. We've already discussed mobility, but it's worth noting again. If you or your child is involved in high-mobility cold-weather activities, you'll likely need to be able to use your fingers. 

Especially in the digital age, gloves with the right tech provide the advantage of using technology without taking them on and off. Leaving gloves on means that your hands can retain more body heat, too. 

Cons of Gloves

While they provide you with more mobility and dexterity in general, gloves are not without fault. If you needed to take them off for any reason, they're a little more challenging to get back on than mittens are. 

If you were to buy a pair of extra bulky gloves, you might find it's not any easier to move your fingers or grab the items you need to handle. Like we mentioned with mittens, gloves can also be the less-warm option of the two cold-weather accessories. 

Which Is Best for Every Day Winter Wear?

Perhaps you're looking for something cozy to protect your hands on your mid-day stroll through the park with your child. You don't need to grab much – just the stroller and your insulated coffee mug. Mittens would be a perfect option to help you stay as cozy as possible while out in the elements. 

They'd be an ideal option for your little one, too; their hands will stay comfy and warm until you're home again. 

Which Is Best for Snow Sports?

If your child is active in sports, they'll want the most practical clothing and accessories to stay unhindered by the elements. For a casual day ice skating, mittens might be appropriate. 

On the other hand, if you or your child is prepping for an intense day on the ski slopes, gloves are the superior option. Regardless of your choice, be sure to choose weather-resistant gloves or mittens that will wick moisture instead of absorbing it. 

Where to Find Great Gloves and Mittens for Kids 

You might prefer to buy a pair of gloves and mittens when preparing for the cold. After all, they're each fantastic solutions to keep warm in their own ways. You may have already found a pair of gloves you like but are still searching for the right pair for your kiddo.

At Mallary by Matthew, we've curated a selection of sustainable cold-weather wear for kids that includes premium gloves and mittens. 

Our Gloves

Our LEGO Wear Kids' Gloves are an ideal solution for keeping hands warm during outdoor activities. They contain a Fan-Tex membrane inside them, making them breathable and water-resistant. 

They're highly functional, with a velcro wrist strap to keep gloves securely in place no matter how active your child is. You don't have to worry about them becoming slippery in wet conditions. The PU anti-slip material on the palm provides a steady grip. Your child can stay mobile and warm while playing hard. 

Our Mittens

Our kid's LEGO Wear Mittens are perfect for a freezing day. They contain the same Fan-Tex membrane our gloves do, meaning you don't have to worry about water seeping inside. They're available in seven colors kids will love, including colors with stripes. Luckily for your little ones, these mittens are also available for sizes from 9-12 months to 13-14 in kids. 

Other Cold Weather Wear for Kids

Perhaps you're all stocked up on gloves and cold-weather accessories, but your child desperately needs a new weather-resistant jacket. They might be due for new reliable ski pants as well. 

We have you covered! At Mallary by Matthew, we have a range of sustainable cold-weather kids' clothing made of excellent materials. 

In Summary

Whether you're taking a quick walk with your child to the local grocery store in 50-degree weather or skiing in freezing, windy conditions, you should do your best to protect both your hands from the cold. 

Whether you choose gloves or mittens is up to you. Neither is better than the other, but they both provide you with unique benefits. When you select Wear LEGO Kids' Gloves from Mallary by Matthew, you can trust your child's hands will be safe and cozy in the cold. 



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