Are Organic Kids Sheets the Right Option for You?

When you’re out at the grocery store, you weigh all your options to provide healthy, easy meals for your kiddos. When choosing fruits or vegetables, you might opt for organically-grown produce over carrots and strawberries with traces of unfavorable chemicals. If you’d choose organic food, should you opt for organic sheets?

Let’s find out why going organic for your family’s bedding could serve you. 

What Makes Sheets Organic? 

To begin, let’s talk about the term “organic.” Essentially, this word refers to products that have been processed, harvested, or grown in an environment without USDA-prohibited substances for three years prior.

This makes sense for food, but when it comes to your sheets, how does this apply? 

They’re Free From Chemicals and Toxins 

You’d hate to find out your sheets contain icky substances, even on a molecular level. Still, non-organic material may include synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that aren’t the best for you. 

The fibers used to make up each thread could contain traces of chemicals if sheet manufacturers use non-organic cotton. In contrast, organic sheets don’t include these potential irritants and prohibited substances, making them an ideal choice for your family. 

You Should Choose Organic Sheets for Your Family 

When it comes down to it, choosing organic microfiber sheets is a choice you can make to benefit your family. Is it time to buy new sheets?

Perhaps you have sheets, but you’d still like to make the switch to organic. In that case, here are a few more factors to consider to help you solidify your choice.

Organic Sheets Can Help You Have a Good Night of Sleep 

Did you know organic sheets could impact your ability to doze off into dreamland each night? The reason for this is because most microfiber organic sheets feel cooler to the touch.

When you’re able to remain cool instead of hot and sweaty, you’ll sleep for longer. Organic sheets can also aid in wicking moisture away from your skin to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable as you rest.

They’ll Support You in Relieving Allergies 

Do your kids suffer from allergies? Have you noticed they primarily struggle with sneezing and itching around bedtime? Some of the chemicals and prohibited substances found in non-organic material have been thought to induce allergic reactions. For this reason, making the switch to organic sheets could be worth heavily considering. 

Organic Linens for Your Kids 

Are your kids’ sheets beginning to look a little bit tired? Perhaps they’ve lived through years of wear already, and they now feature a few rips and stains. Check out our collection of sheets at Mallary by Matthew.

Each set features breathable organic polyester that is stain-resistant, breathable, and easy to wash. Let’s check out the sheets that are perfect for your kids’ bedding. 

Colorful 100% Microfiber Car Sheet Set 

Are your little ones obsessed with racing toy cars? Our organic super-soft Microfiber Cars Sheet Set could be the perfect addition to their bedding. They might even be excited to drift to sleep surrounded by their favorite firetrucks, taxis, and convertibles in fun colors. These sheets are also super durable to withstand accidents of all kinds through many wash cycles. 

Make a Splash With 100% Microfiber Mermaid Sheet Set 

Little girls and boys love splashing in the pool playing mermaids with one another in the summertime. They can keep the excitement of their deep-sea dreams going all through their slumber with our organic Mermaid Sheet Set!

Each set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and a pillowcase to complete the set. Our fitted sheets are deep-pocketed, so you’ll always be able to ensure a secure fit around your child’s mattress.  

Go for a Prehistoric Win With a 100% Microfiber Dinosaur Sheet Set 

Most parents have at least one child who goes through the dinosaur phase. If your little one is entirely mesmerized by Brachiosauruses, Velociraptors, or Tyrannosaurus Rexes, our super-soft organic Micro-Fiber Dinosaur Sheet Set is for you. As is the case with all of our sheets, this luxurious set is easy-to-wash and wrinkle resistant.

Celebrate the Magic of Paris with a 100% Microfiber Bonjour Paris Sheet Set 

Is your little one enamored by the beauty and magic of Parisian culture? Indulge their cosmopolitan fantasies with our 100% Microfiber Bonjour Paris Sheet Set. These organic sheets are oh-so-lovely with pink accents on a black and white design your little one will love.

Our sheet sets are available in twin, full, and queen, so you’re sure to find a set that’s perfect for your big kids and toddlers alike.

Our Organic Sheets Make Bedding Easy 

Doing the best for your kids doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our organic sheets contain 90 GSM microfiber so your kiddos can enjoy extra-soft warm bedding to stay cozy through cool evenings. Don’t worry about these sheets fading over time. Our sheets are extra durable and resistant to fading, staining, and shrinking.

You don’t have to choose between fun designs and materials that are smart for your family. Our organic microfiber kids’ sheets are easy-to-wash and hypoallergenic. Harsh chemicals and allergens don’t stand a chance with our organic material. 

A Smart Decision: Rest Easy

Doing your best to provide good things for your family goes beyond the food you eat. You can support your family’s well-being by choosing organic Mallary by Matthew 100% microfiber sheets.

With a super-soft feel, these sheets will keep your kids cool and allergen-free for a long night of quality sleep. Your only regret will be not making the switch sooner. 



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