Tights Outfits: 8 Ideas for Girls

When you have girls, getting dressed for school can be stressful, especially when considering dress codes. As you pick out your daughter's outfits, one way to ensure they're school-approved is to add a pair of tights to any pair of shorts or skirt.

How can you style these tights so that they feel comfortable and look adorable with your kid's outfit? Let's talk about all things related to tights today. Then, we'll show you how you can find the best sustainable basics for your family at Mallary by Matthew

What Are the Best Kind of Tights? 

Let's say your little one doesn't have any tights in her closet or dresser just yet. If you're looking for dependable tights, how can you know which material is best? 

Ultimately, most people find nylon and spandex to be comfortable materials for tights. Microfiber nylon and spandex tights can be even softer and more comfortable for all-day wear.

Why Do People Wear Tights? 

Lots of people wear tights for many reasons. Some wear pink tights to dance class as a part of their uniform. Others wear skin-colored tights under their skirts or dresses to maintain an ultra-professional appearance.

Still, others wear bright, funky tights as a way to show off their personality with their outfits. This article of clothing is highly versatile, and it's a great essential item to keep in your kid's closet.  

Eight Ideas for Wearing Tights

Wearing tights doesn't have to be complicated! Let's check out eight ways your little one can wear this article of clothing and look adorable doing it.

1. Wear a Bright Pair Under Your Shorts

Subdued pinks and neutral tones aren't for everyone. Does your daughter like bright colors? Maybe she has a bold personality and enjoys showing it off with her clothes. If so, she can wear a vivid pair of green tights under a pair of shorts to create a fun look that's school-approved. 

This tip is handy as the weather shifts from warm to chilly. Wearing tights under a pair of shorts can help your little one keep chills away on windy days.

2. Wear Subdued Tights Under a Short Dress 

Perhaps your kid has been into wearing dresses recently. She likes spinning around in them often, so having a pair of tights underneath is the perfect way to ensure she still gets to spin around to her heart's content, no matter where she is. Wearing neutral stockings under a dress is one way to keep her legs more covered (if that's more comfortable for her.)

3. Pair Tights with Heels for a Classic Look

Do you have a fancy occasion coming up? Perhaps your family is attending an outdoor fall wedding soon, and your older daughter needs an outfit that's appropriate for the event. 

One idea that always looks chic is neutral tights paired with heels and a dress or skirt. The tights and heels combo is one that others have loved for decades. This look is a cross-section of comfort and class.

4. Wear Colorful Tights Under Ripped Jeans 

Maybe you have a pre-teen daughter who has been trying to experiment more with her style. If she enjoys bold combinations, you might suggest this look to her.

Wearing colorful tights under ripped jeans is a fun way to show off personal style. She can choose a color that coordinates with her shirt to make this look even more impressive and personalized.

This is a look that's sure to stand out, so it's perfect for fun experiences like concerts and vacations. 

5. Pair Black Tights with Combat Boots for an Edgy Look 

Maybe your older daughter has been entering into an edgy phase. You've been hearing more rock music through the walls of her bedroom, and she's broken the dark nail polish out. 

This type of style can be fun, and the right pair of tights can help her achieve her new style with ease. If she's looking for something to try in cooler months, wearing a pair of black tights under a skirt with combat boots is a style for the books. She can customize the look with her favorite band tee-shirt, with chain necklaces as a finishing touch.

6. Try Bright Tights for School Dress-Up Activities 

Does your little one have a special week at school coming up? Perhaps they have a spirit week where they can dress up as characters each day, or an end-of-the-year party where they can celebrate by wearing crazy clothes.

In that case, it's always a good idea to have a pair of brilliant yellow tights on hand to make a crazy outfit pop with personality. 

7. Wear Tights To Add a Breathable Layer on Cold Days

Wearing tights can be a functional decision, too. When you're looking for ways to keep your little girl warm in cooler months, adding a pair of tights under her outfit can ensure she stays comfortable and warm without getting too sweaty.

Ensure that she wears her regular socks with her shoes since tights by themselves don’t provide the necessary layering to keep warm. 

8. Pair Pink Tights with a Skirt and High-Tops for a Fun Outfit 

Trying out different styles is not only exciting, but it's a great way to help your daughter examine new fashions and learn more about what she likes to wear.

If your little one wants to wear a more carefree cute outfit, try adding pink tights under a skirt with high-top tennis shoes. This outfit is ultra-casual with a pop of pink color to add an exciting touch to her style. 

Other Essential Basics That Make Any Outfit Better

Perhaps your child is in the middle of a growth spurt, and you need to ensure she has some of the essential clothing items she needs.

For that case, you may want to look over a few more articles that can help complete your little one's outfits. 

A Dependable Sweater 

Do you live in a climate that's cool for the majority of the year? If so, it's a good idea to prepare your child's closet with comfortable, cute clothes they can wear to stay warm. When you're looking for the perfect go-to sweater, our LEGO Wear Kids' Full-Zip Fleece Cardigan is an excellent choice.

This jacket comes in various colors, and it's available from size 3-6 months to 14 years old. Add this piece to your little one's closet, so they always have a warm layer when they need it. 

Versatile Sneakers

Having a classic, adorable pair of sneakers is essential, too. Fun sneakers can help your daughter play more freely with friends, and they can make it easier to get dressed in the mornings. With such a reliable, versatile option on hand, your child will have the freedom to express herself creatively, knowing that her classic tennis shoes will always make any outfit look cute. 

Comfy Denim Shorts

Another staple clothing item your little one needs in her closet is a pair of denim shorts. Denim is always a trustworthy choice since it can match almost anything and withstand many washes without falling apart.

Whenever the weather warms up, she can wear these shorts outside to play with friends and make memories. Whenever the weather gets cooler, she can wear her favorite durable tights underneath to stay a bit warmer and add a fun element to her outfit. 

A Trusty Bralette 

Do you have a tween girl in the house? If so, she might be ready for her first training bra or bralette. These bras can help your tween to get more comfortable with the idea of wearing a bra.

In addition to offering light support, our Umbro seamless bras provide ultimate comfort as an undergarment. With one of our super-soft bralettes as the base layer, her outfit is sure to feel comfortable for longer. 

Other Basics at Mallary by Matthew 

When your family needs new sheets or cold weather wear, you don't have to search aimlessly online to find options that work for you.

At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to offer sustainable basics to meet your family's everyday needs. From easy-to-wash fairy tale-themed sheets to breathable warm gloves, we're here to support your family's needs to make every day a success. 

Wearing Tights Can Be a Ton of Fun 

If it wasn't already obvious this far, we might as well say that tights aren't just a formal clothing article. As you've explored some ideas for styling kids' tights, we hope you've noticed that this clothing staple can be a ton of fun to wear in different ways.

You can let your kid pick out the pack she likes and help her come up with her own ideas for styling them, too. 



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