Different Types of Underwear: A Style Guide

How's your current underwear collection looking? Perhaps your drawers are currently overloaded with bunched-up pairs you've owned for years, and you don't wear half of them anymore.

What about your kids? Are their underwear pairs too tight for their new clothing size? Does your pre-teen need to start looking at training bras?

Today, let's talk about all things underwear to find out the style that works best for you. Then, we’ll explore tips to keep your collection fresh and up-to-date.

How To Know Which Style is Right for You

Do your current underwear make you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you've been wondering if other styles would be better for your lifestyle.

Let's look at the key factors that can make or break your underwear collection.


Comfort has to be one of the top-tier factors you should consider when you're thinking about your undies. What material is in contact with your skin all day? When you want to feel comfortable all day, try underwear made with cotton, polyester, and spandex for softness and stretchiness. 


The way your underwear fits is a big deal. This clothing article can be a pain if you're wearing the wrong size. You don't have to settle for wearing old pairs that sag and droop. Go for a fresh pack of underwear that fits your body well.


No one likes to be sweaty — especially in more vulnerable areas. For that reason, breathability is a critical feature in all styles of underwear. Choose the pairs that will keep you cool and dry all day long to avoid moisture in the wrong places. 


Your underwear should support you each day without you having to think about how well your current pair is holding up. Are you tired of holes, tears, and loose stitching? Go for an underwear line that's durable enough to withstand your life. 


Let's talk about your child's underwear collection for a moment. Do they have fun patterns and colors on their briefs? It's a small detail, but it can help your child's day to start right when they notice patterns and colors on their underwear that make them smile.  

How Many Types of Underwear Are There? 

So far, we've discussed a few of the primary factors you might consider in your undies. Now, let's talk about all the styles of underwear that are out there for you and your family to try. 

Types of Grown-Up Undies 

First, let's explore the types of undergarments that are out there for grown-ups. If your collection could use a refresh, consider replacing old pairs with one of these styles. 


Boxers are one of the most well-known types of undergarment for those who prefer a loose pair of underwear. Although they've been a staple for decades, some don't appreciate the way they can bunch up under your pants. Still, if you detest tight undergarments, boxers may provide a fit you prefer. 


Briefs are another tried-and-true type of underwear. Opposite of boxers, this style is ideal for those who enjoy security and tightness for their more vulnerable regions. One problem people sometimes have with briefs is that the seams are too tight in the wrong places. Still, you may like briefs if you prefer to feel secure all day.


Boxer-briefs are the happy medium option between boxers and briefs. They combine the relaxed fit of one style with the body-hugging fit of the other.

If you're currently on the hunt for a new selection of boxer briefs, here are a few suggestions that can upgrade your underwear drawer:

  • Umbro Men's Athletic Boxer Briefs: These boxer briefs offer an extreme stretch with a body-hugging fit. These offer shape retention as well as an elastic waistband that stays comfortable all day. For supportive boxer briefs that can keep up with all of your activities, try these athletic stretch boxer briefs from Mallary by Matthew. 
  • Umbro Men's Essential Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs: What kind of boxer briefs are perfect for everyday wear? These essential cotton stretch boxer briefs contain 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They're tagless, breathable, and durable enough to last through anything. If your current collection is lacking, consider adding these to your underwear drawer. 


Boyshorts are similar to boxer-briefs, but they tend to have a shorter inseam. Typically, this is a style in women's underwear. It's a comfortable alternative to the usual women's styles and offers more extensive coverage for those who prefer it.


The bikini is one of the more classic styles of women's underwear. This kind of undergarment provides minimal coverage for those who like a lower-cut waistband. 

Women's Briefs 

Some enjoy briefs for their added coverage and comfort. If you're looking for low-maintenance everyday underwear to wear with typical clothing items, briefs are an excellent staple option. 


When you need to wear a form-fitting skirt or pair of shorts, you may desire to eliminate the visible seam from your bikini or brief-style underwear. If you've never worn thongs before, consider giving them a try with your next evening look. 


Bras offer fantastic chest support for those who need it. Whether you like the coverage, the support, or the shape, refreshing your bra collection with new kinds can help you feel your best each day. 

Sports Bras 

Sports bras are a kind of bra that offers a body-hugging fit. This undergarment can help support you through athletic activities and days when you prefer a more snug fit for your bras. 


Every kind of body is beautiful. Still, when you want to achieve a particular silhouette while wearing different fashions, you may want to try shapewear. This kind of underwear typically covers the top portion of your legs up to your rib cage to support your body's shape beneath your desired clothing. 

Types of Undies for Kids 

It's easy for you to know when your underwear collection needs some attention. Whenever you're not helping your kids get dressed anymore, it can be difficult to keep up with the state of their undergarments. 

For example, are all of their briefs clean and fresh for everyday wear? Are their boxer briefs too tight for them? Are their training bras tearing at the seams?

Let's look at the styles of underwear you can buy to upgrade your kids' collections when it's time. 


One of the easiest, fuss-free types of undergarments for kids is the classic pair of briefs. If you have little ones who love to play and stay active, briefs can help keep them clean, dry, and comfortable throughout each day. 

Don't wait until your little one has outgrown their current collection to restock. Our Mallary by Matthew Kids' Briefs are available in multiple patterns and colors. Go ahead and make sure your little one has enough pairs in the colors they love. 


Some boys prefer boxer briefs as they grow older. When your kid is ready to upgrade to this style, we've got boxer briefs they'll love in cool styles. Our Mallary by Matthew Kids' Boxer Briefs are breathable and durable for comfortable all-day wear. 

Training Bras 

As your child becomes a pre-teen, they'll begin changing quite a bit. Their love for playing with dolls may shift into playing music loudly in their room. Perhaps they'll grow into a new boy band obsession or start to show off more skills in their sport.

As they grow, their undergarment needs will change, too. When your tween is ready, a training bra can help them get used to the idea of wearing a bra if that makes them feel more comfortable. This style of bralette is perfect for first-time wearers who need light support under their clothes. 


Perhaps your kid is ready to move up from training bras. Another style new bra wearers can enjoy is bralettes. Our Mallary by Matthew bralette sets offer gentle support with no tags and no seams. These comfy undergarments can make transition periods more easy and natural for your tween or teen. 

Boy Shorts 

Your tween or teen may enjoy our boyshorts, too. This type of underwear offers more coverage and comfort for those who like a relaxed feel.

At Mallary by Matthew, our bralette sets for girls come with boyshorts in their corresponding size. These comfy undies are tagless and come in several cute colors. 

Ten Tips for Underwear Care 

As you take care of your family's underwear collection, you might run into a few problems. Between stains, tears, incorrect sizes, and uncomfortable fabrics, there's a lot to keep in mind while evaluating your family's current needs. It doesn't have to be too complicated.

Let's talk about the ten undergarment tips that can help you care for your family's underwear collection. 

1. Don't Hold Onto Sagging Pairs 

Do you know that one pair of underwear in your drawer that you refuse to let go of? It's the one that has lost its stretchiness and shape. Although you feel uncomfortable each time you wear them, you continually forget to upgrade them to a more comfortable pair. 

You don't have to continue the cycle of discomfort and low-quality, baggy undies. Throw out the "back-up" underwear you've been holding onto and upgrade to a style that fits your body best.

2. Go Ahead, Throw Them in the Hamper 

It happens to everyone at one point or another. We get lazy, and we throw dirty clothes onto the floor without a second thought. The problem is that when you don't have a designated space for your dirty clothes, you may get confused. 

If you can, try kicking this habit. Throw your dirty undergarments into the dirty clothes hamper, so you never confuse clean pairs with dirty ones.

3. You Don't Have to be Boring 

Little kids get to have fun, patterned underwear. But what about adults? You don't have to have plain white briefs if that's not your style. 

You deserve to feel good about everything you wear — that includes your underpants. Pick out styles and colors that you like to add a bit more fun to your day. 

4. Too Tight Can Cause Problems 

Sometimes, wearing an item of clothing that's too tight isn't a big deal. You might keep wearing gloves or a slightly too small beanie since you know you won't be wearing them the entire day. 

Your pairs of underwear are different. You don't want to wear a pair of underwear that is too tight for several reasons:

  1. If you're a male wearing too-tight underwear, some suggest that this can cause fertility issues down the line.
  2. Tight underwear can cause you to have painful bruises at the end of the day in extreme cases.
  3. Wearing underwear that is too tight can be plain uncomfortable.

You deserve undergarments that help you feel good throughout the day. 

5. There's No Need To Be Uncomfy All Day Long 

You shouldn't have to stop and think about your underwear. Anytime you catch yourself adjusting it throughout your day or thinking about how it feels itchy or too small, it's a sign that it's time to upgrade. You deserve to wear underwear that supports you without you having to think about it. 

6. You Can Clean Stains with a Few Household Products 

Here's another tip for underwear: you can tackle stains with items you have in your kitchen. For example, when dealing with poop stains, you don't always have to throw underwear out right away. You can try this method for easy stain removal:

Drop a few drops of lemon juice onto your underwear stain, then let it sit for 30 minutes. Next, soak the pair in a mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda for 30 more minutes.

7. Keep More Than Enough Pairs Handy 

There's a reason some people keep uncomfortable pairs around far longer than they should. People who do this realize the benefit of keeping extra pairs around when the dirty laundry has piled up, and you need clean underwear for the week. 

It's a good idea to have more underwear than you need, but make sure you restock your extras selection with high-quality undergarments.

8. Make Sure Your Kid Has What They Need 

It's easy to keep track of your needs when it comes to underwear. You can readily tell when your briefs feel too loose or that your boxers are uncomfortable.

Your kids don't always remember to speak up when they need new underwear. So, make sure to ask them frequently to provide what they need.

9. Change Underwear At Least Every Day 

This tip goes without saying, but changing your underwear every day is essential for hygiene. In addition, change your kids' underwear each time they take a bath or have an accident.

We know there are days when little ones might try to get away with putting on dirty undies, but teaching them the importance of staying clean can go a long way.

10. Get Basics for Your Family at Mallary by Matthew 

Whether you need high-quality underwear or your teenager needs a new bralette, we've got you covered. At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to provide you with sustainable basics, including cold-weather wear and household necessities like sheets.



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