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The Ultimate Cold-Weather Clothing Article To Keep Kids Warm 

What can you do to help your kids when it's freezing outside? In the fall, scarves and lightweight jackets might be all your kids need to wear to protect themselves from the weather.

But when you're dealing with extreme weather, you need a solid defense from the cold. That's where balaclavas come in handy.

Better Than a Scarf 

How can you help your child stay toasty without wearing a cumbersome scarf? Balaclavas are the perfect option for ensuring your little ones' most vulnerable areas stay covered in freezing temperatures. 

This cold-weather accessory slides over your toddler's or child's head and shields their entire neck and head from the elements, leaving a small opening for their face. Balaclavas provide a snug fit to ensure no snow or wind can invade your kid's clothing. 

The Scotchlite Reflector Provides Added Visibility 

Snow is a powerful force of nature! Perhaps you and your family are planning on a ski trip in the snowy mountains. Or maybe your kids enjoy playing in the snow in your front yard. 

The thing to remember about snow is that its flurries can make it difficult to see sometimes. As your kids play, you'll want to be sure that you can always spot your children to keep them safe. Each of our balaclava options comes with a Scotchlite reflective badge on its brim to help you keep a close watch on your little one. 

Wool and Microfleece Make for an Ultra-Cozy Material

When you're trying to keep your children feeling cozy in below-freezing temperatures, soft material is everything. Our kids' balaclavas feature a blend of wool and microfleece to keep your child as warm as possible without getting sweaty. They'll be happy to have this soft, snug layer of protection under their coat. 

The Wind-Stopping Membrane Makes for Extra Comfort 

Do you live in a windy climate? Periods of constant snowfall mean you have to dress your children in waterproof layers. How can you keep your little ones comfortable when the wind begins to rush? 

Our LEGO Wear Kids' Balaclava has a wind-stopping membrane stitched into its design. This membrane helps block your little ones' ears from harsh wind that would otherwise bother them. It's one more feature that makes this article an excellent addition to your kiddo's cold-weather layers

Easy Layering with Outerwear 

Our LEGO Wear Kids' Balaclava is easy to slip on and off. Its design makes for added protection from the wind by fitting under your child's coat or outerwear. When your child wears their balaclava along with our LEGO Wear Jacket, the combination will completely shield them from the harsh winter air.

We know your little ones need reliable protection from snow and freezing wind. That's why our balaclavas are available in sizes from 12 months to seven years old. Choose the right size for your child, and they'll stay comfortable throughout all your winter fun. 


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