How To Prepare For A Ski Trip

Every now and then, we just need a getaway. Going on a vacation with your family is a fantastic way to form lifelong memories and to have fun together. Perhaps you've never been on a ski trip before. You might be wondering what all you need to do to get ready for your trip.

Planning your ski trip doesn't have to be complicated. Let's walk through a few tips and tricks that will help you prepare for a fun time with your family. Then, we'll talk about what you can wear in the freezing weather to maximize your comfort and fun. 

Find Out Your Itinerary for Each Day 

One tip that will keep you comfortable in the long run is coming up with a schedule for each day. You might think you want to be spontaneous, but your schedule affects your wardrobe. For example, if you know you'll be out in the snow for just a few hours, you'll want to make sure each person in your family is wearing a suitable mid-layer. Changing in and out of clothing layers can be a hassle, so planning your day around comfortable clothing is essential. 

Shape Up 

Skiing is hard work. If you're not used to snow activities, you may want to start preparing for your trip ahead of time. Try doing some cardio at home or at the gym to get used to the fast-paced movement. You'll be able to have more fun when your body can keep up with your spirit. 

Think of Fun Travel Games and Activities for the Trip There 

Are you driving or flying to your ski resort? Regardless of your mode of transportation, if you have little ones with you, you'll want a way to keep them occupied in the car. Instead of relying on their imaginations to keep them busy, try games like "I spy" to keep their attention on the long journey.

Figure Out What You Need to Pack 

As you prepare for your trip, consider where you're staying. If your family is staying at an all-inclusive ski resort, you may have most of your needs provided. Perhaps your family is staying at a short-term rental house for two weeks. You might want to stop for groceries on the way to stock up for your time there. You may also want to bring your own pillows and blankets, a camera, and entertainment in case you get stuck inside. 

How to Dress for a Ski Trip 

Another potential challenge is knowing what clothes to pack. If this is your first skiing trip, you may want to learn a little bit about how to dress for cold weather. You don't have to buy all new clothes to have winter clothes. Knowing a few basic tips can help you use some of the clothing you already own to dress comfortably in the cold.

Start With a Solid First Layer 

Dressing comfortably in the cold starts with a solid first layer. You may intuitively think that a thick, fuzzy first layer would make you feel warm, but that would be incorrect. These types of socks, leggings, and undershirts produce more sweat, thus cooling you down instead of warming you. The best way to stay warm throughout is to choose a moisture-wicking first layer. This layer can consist of socks, long johns, and an under tee shirt. 

Choose a Mid Layer 

Next, you'll want to choose a mid-layer for each member of your family. Remember that this is the layer that will be visible when you take your jacket off. You can be more lenient with the material in this layer since your mid-layer clothes won't touch your skin directly. Choose something you don't mind being visible and thin enough to wear with a ski jacket

Add a Balacava 

You might have had snow experiences before where you layered up but still felt cold. Want to know how to stay even more protected from the elements? Try adding a balaclava to your mid-layer. This accessory will warm your head and neck under your jacket and keep snow and wind from making your face miserable.

Wear a High-Quality Jacket 

This tip might be most apparent, but make sure you have a durable ski jacket for yourself as well as high-quality kids' ski jackets for your little ones. It isn't enough to pick a coat that might keep you warm on a typical fall day. You and your family should have high-caliber snow gear to ensure you stay warm and protected. 

Wear Durable Ski Pants 

Another way to set yourself up for success on the slopes is by investing in great ski pants for yourself and your children. These make all the difference when you're in the snow for extended periods. Choose water-resistant ski pants so that no moisture seems in through your clothes. This step is worth the investment!

Choose Weatherproof Accessories 

You might be gathering that staying warm in freezing temperatures takes a lot of work. Ultimately, your comfort comes down to accessories. Solid hats, gloves, and neckwarmers can make all the difference in snowy conditions.


One thing you can't neglect on your ski trip is gloves. When choosing cold-weather gloves for your little ones, you'll want to ensure you pick a pair that they'll enjoy wearing. Show them a selection and let them pick the pair they most want to wear. When they pick out their gloves or mittens, they'll be more likely to keep them on outdoors.


Where would you be without a quality hat? It's vital to keep your head warm while you're in freezing weather. As you zip up your child's snow-proof jacket, make sure to add a cute kid's beanie for added warmth in the snow. Let your child pick a beanie they love wearing, and they'll be excited to get dressed while you're on vacation. 


Don't forget to keep your neck warm! Skiing down slopes means the wind is colliding with your skin much more than it would on a typical windy day. To stay protected from the wind, add a neckwarmer under your snow jacket to pair with your balaclava. It will cover your neck and shield it from rogue snowflakes as well.

Where to Find High-Quality Basics for Your Ski Trip 

Perhaps you've finally made your packing list. You know what clothes you and your kids already have, and you've made a short list of items you still need to keep everyone safe and happy. Where should you buy cold-weather clothing basics and accessories? At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to provide you with high-quality, sustainable clothing basics, so you can find everything you need to finish packing. 


As you prepare for your ski trip, remember that brainstorming your packing list doesn't have to be challenging. When you choose Mallary by Matthew for your kid's cold-weather clothing basics, you're choosing pieces that will last them through all their winter adventures. All that's left for you to do next is embark on your journey and enjoy the quality time. 



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