Say Happy Fathers Day With These Gift Ideas

Fathers' Day rolls around only once a year, and if you've got a great dad in your family, you'll want to make sure he feels loved on this special day. What on earth do you give the man who's done so much for your family? It can be tricky to figure out what dads want. Let's walk through a list of possible gifts to give the father who's been there through it all. 

What Makes a Meaningful Fathers' Day Gift?

Moms, we know who does the Fathers' Day shopping. Buying a meaningful fathers' day gift can be a challenge! Your little ones are definitely capable of drawing a cute Fathers' Day card, but you'll likely want to go the extra mile to make dad feel special on this day. Here are a few gift ideas to help you figure out the perfect Fathers' Day gift. 

A Great Gift is Personal 

Do you want to know what makes a terrific gift? You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to let dad know he's important to your family. You can encourage the dad in your life with a personal gift that touches his heart. This kind of gift will make him feel more known and cherished than an expensive gift that will end up on a shelf in three years. Here are a few ideas for heart-warming gifts for dad:

  • A DIY Gift: If you have elementary-school-aged kids, a DIY gift is perfect for Fathers' Day. Perhaps money has been tight, and you can't afford an extravagant gift this year. You can try crafting a table he's been wanting or carving a unique piece of art just for him. A thought-out creative project is a terrific option for the dad in your life.
  • A Handmade Gift: Another gift that's affordable and heart-felt one that's handmade. Consider tie-dying a shirt and drawing a custom Fathers' Day message on the front. This gift is a terrific option if you have little ones. They can get in on the gift and have fun in the process. When dad receives his gift, he'll be delighted to know the time and energy you all spent to make him feel appreciated.
  • A Nostalgic Gift:  Here's an idea that could bring a tear to dad's eye on Fathers' Day. A nostalgic gift can be one of the most meaningful he'll receive. For this option, consider having one of your favorite family photos printed on a high-quality canvas. It will be a treasured memory he'll enjoy for years as your kids grow older. 

A Great Gift is Timeless 

We can all remember gifts we received that were relevant for about a year before they became obsolete. That's why a fantastic gift is timeless. There's no need to keep up with the newest trends if that's not what the dad in your life would enjoy. Go for the gifts that have been well-loved for decades. A timeless gift is one he can enjoy again and again.

  • A Vacation: Who doesn't love a getaway to a beautiful destination? If dad has been working extra hard this year, it may be time for a family vacation. You can choose a location he's always wanted to visit and plan events around his hobbies while you're there. The only problem with this option is that there's no way to top a gift that's this perfect. 
  • A Handy Tool Kit: Is it cliche, or is it classic? If the dad in your life enjoys repairing things and weekend projects, a new tool kit may be in order. If fixing things is what he enjoys, this gift will make him feel known and appreciated for his hard work. 
  • A Creative Program: Perhaps dad loves sharpening his graphic design, video editing, or music production skills. Supporting your dad's hobby is one way to make him feel special. You can invest in his craft by gifting him a new program he's been saving up to purchase. It's an uncommon Fathers' Day gift, but he'll love the fact that you know him so well.

A Great Gift is Useful 

Some men don't enjoy frivolous or expensive gifts. The dad you love might be more interested in receiving clothing essentials or things he can use around the house. Instead of trying to find the latest trendy gift, go for something he'll actually utilize and appreciate. Let's look at a few useful gift examples:

  • A Set of Comfortable Underwear: This is a gift dads have received for years, but for a good reason. Underwear is a useful gift! If you often do laundry, you might notice your husband's underwear has begun to rip or stretch beyond repair. You can be proactive by purchasing a new pack of high-quality boxer briefs that are comfortable and last for years. Try this pair for a super-comfy fit.
  • A New Jacket: Do you live somewhere that gets cold regularly? Perhaps the dad you know and love needs a new jacket to keep warm when it gets cold in the fall and winter. It's never too early to be prepared. He'll feel appreciated when he sees you and the kids noticing the things he needs.
  • A Set of New Batteries: Dads love fixing things, don't they? If your dad or your children's dad is constantly buying new gadgets, he'll likely need batteries to make them work. Though it's not the most standard Fathers' Day gift, it might be perfect for the man in your life. This is a super functional gift that a solution-oriented man will love.

A Great Gift is Comfy 

Does the dad in your life work hard? Maybe he's had a rough quarter and what he genuinely needs on Fathers' Day is some good old-fashioned relaxation. You can help make this wish a reality with your gift. Instead of something expensive and flashy, try choosing something that will help him unwind, calm down, and enjoy his family and home. Here are a few ideas for comfortable gifts for dad. 

  • A New Comforter: Have you two been sharing an old, worn comforter for too long? You can surprise your partner on Fathers' Day with a brand new comforter. A comforter is a terrific gift to give to a new dad when comfort and a good night's sleep mean a lot to him.
  • A New Pair of Sweatpants: Does your special man spend too much time in his work clothes? Perhaps the dad in your life is always on his work grind. Let him know it's okay to slow down and take an off day with sweatpants. He might just realize they're his new favorite clothing article.
  • A Luxurious Pillow: Here is a gift dad will enjoy for years. A good night's sleep can be so important, especially with the demands of work. Give the dad you love a brand new, high-quality pillow that he can use for years to come. He'll be rested and ready to spend more time with the family.

Creative Quotes that say, "Happy Father's Day" 

Let's talk about your father. If you have a strong relationship with him, you may be able to recall some of the gifts you gave him in the past. You might have handmade cards in grade school that said something like, “You're awesome, Dad!” with some crayon-drawn stick figures nearby. Those memorable words and sentiments meant the world to him when you were a kid, but what do you say now that you're older?

Sometimes it's challenging to be honest about how much someone may mean to us. As an adult, you may find that heart-felt words come less smoothly. If that's true for you, here are a few popular Fathers' Day Quotes you can explore to gain inspiration. 

  • "My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me."
     Jim Valvano
  • "When you need real understanding, When you need someone to care, When you need someone to guide you... A father's always there. 
    Thomas J. Langley
  • "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." 
    Sigmund Freud
  • "Everyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a dad." 
    Wade Boggs
  • "I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments when they aren't trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom."
     Umberto Eco

In Summary 

What do you give the man who has done so much for you and your family? Rather than spending money on frivolous gadgets and tech that will be outdated in a couple of years, go for something he loves. Whether his gift is handmade, timeless, personal, or comfy, the dad in your life will feel like a hero when he sees your family's thoughtfulness.



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