Underwear Size Chart: Find the Perfect Fit

Imagine you're getting ready for the day. You roll out of bed and get ready for your morning shower. As you grab your clean clothes to change into for the day, you reach for your underwear drawer.

As you search for a comfortable pair, you realize the only clean boxer briefs available are either too tight, have lost their fit, or are tearing at the seams. Why do some pairs of underwear seem to fall apart so easily?

Today, let's talk about how to find underwear that supports you where you need it most. Then, we'll show you the best Mallary by Matthew underwear sets that make getting ready one step easier for yourself or your kiddos.

What Measurements Help Determine Your Perfect Fit? 

If you keep buying underwear for yourself or your child that ends up not fitting right, you might want to ask why. Maybe your kid keeps complaining that their underwear is too tight? It may be time to figure out if their measurements match the size you're buying for them.

Let's look at the measurements that can help determine a comfortable fit. 

Thigh Size Plays a Part 

Getting a good measurement for your thigh is a solid idea for finding a good fit. If you find that your thighs often feel restricted in your underwear, try to size up to ensure you have enough room for daily activities. 

Waistband Size is Most Important 

While thigh size can play a part in how your underwear feels on your body, your waistband measurement is even more essential to finding your perfect fit.

Instead of guessing your correct size, try measuring your waistband before purchasing a new set of boxer briefs. Doing this can help you find pairs that help you feel supported without any restriction.

What Underwear Characteristics are Essential for Comfort?

When you pick out underwear, which features are most important? You might have thought that purchasing from a particular high-end brand would guarantee you a proper fit. However, that's not always the case.

Let's discuss the characteristics you should prioritize in underwear.


Who wants their underwear to make them feel sweaty? If you live in a humid climate, breathability is especially crucial to staying cool and dry.

Opt for underwear sets that contain polyester, spandex, and cotton as their primary materials. These fabrics can help you to stay supported while remaining fresh and comfortable.


This feature might be one of the most important things to look for in your underwear. Pairs of underwear that have lost their stretch can be plain annoying. Don't keep old, worn-out briefs and boxer briefs around; look for an ultimate stretchiness in the next underwear set you buy. 


Briefs or boxer briefs that are too tight can sometimes cause problems. While you don't want seams to be too tight, you do want your underwear to be skin-tight and hug your body.

Try finding a size that fits your waistband perfectly while hugging your body. These will fit under your clothes the best while providing comfort. 

Biggest Issues With Sizing 

What are some of the issues people usually run into with sizing? Some of them might be apparent to you, but let's take a quick look. Then, we'll talk about how to get a proper measurement to find briefs and boxers for your family that fit perfectly. 

Your Boxers or Boxer Briefs are Sagging 

No one likes saggy underwear. When you realize mid-day that the briefs you put on in the morning have already lost their stretch, it can be frustrating to adjust them for comfort continually. 

Your Waistband Is Too Tight 

A too-tight waistband isn't just uncomfortable; it can be painful. When a waistband is too tight, one problem it can cause is skin irritation. As the band sits against your skin all day, you may realize that your skin begins to hurt. Another issue with a tight waistband is that you may feel that it inhibits your circulation slightly. 

The Material isn't Stretchy Enough 

Let's talk about your family. Does your kid wear briefs? They might be complaining about underwear that isn't stretchy enough around their thighs. Briefs that cut off circulation around the thigh can make sitting, running, and staying active unpleasant.

To avoid this, try going for underwear that provides more than enough stretch in every area.

Underwear Size Chart for Mallary by Matthew Underwear

Men's Boxer Briefs:

  • Small: 28-30 Inches
  • Medium: 32-34 Inches
  • Large: 36-38 Inches
  • XLarge: 40-42 Inches
  • XXLarge: 44-46 Inches

Boys' Briefs and Boxer Briefs:

For our boys' briefs and boxer briefs sets, your child's weight and waistband measurements are both helpful in determining the most comfortable fit. 

  • XS (2-4): 21-22 inches and 24-34 pounds
  • S (4-6): 22-23 inches and 37-48 pounds
  • M (6-8): 24-25 inches and 54-66 pounds
  • L (8-10): 25-26 inches and 67-84 pounds
  • XL (10-12): 26-27 inches and 85-102 pounds

Girls' Bralette and Boyshort Sets:

When you want to find the best fit for your pre-teen or teen's bralette and boyshort set, keeping their waistband and height measurements on hand is a great idea.

  • 7/8: 50.5 inches tall and 23.5-24.25 waist measurement
  • 10/12: 55-58 inches tall and 25-26 waist measurement
  • 14/16: 61-62.5 inches tall and 28-30 waist measurement

We Have the Best Boxer Briefs for an All-Day Comfort 

Whether you're looking for new underwear for yourself or your kiddos, you deserve to have a dependable selection of undergarments – no more stretched-out undies and too-tight seams. Your briefs, boyshorts, bras, and boxer briefs should be snug to your skin while providing you with a comfortable stretch and breathable fabric.

At Mallary by Matthew, we're happy to provide sustainable basics for your entire family. So go ahead. Buy a few new sets to stock up on truly comfy undies. Let's take a look at what we have for your family. 

Men's Boxer Briefs

You shouldn't have to deal with briefs and boxer briefs that don't fit you the right way. At Mallary by Matthew, our Men's UMBRO Boxer Briefs come in two varieties to support you through all your activities. 

  • Essential Cotton Stretch: These boxer briefs are perfect for your everyday wear. They contain 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a body-hugging fit that's breathable, too. 
  • Athletic Stretch: These boxer briefs are ideal for days when you need added stretch for high activity. They contain 90% polyester and 10% spandex and are super-soft and breathable as well. Choose your favorite design for tagless undies that support you all day.

Our Boys' Briefs and Boxer Briefs are Comfy and Stretchy 

We've got undies for your little ones, too. When your kids are growing, you'll need to keep up with their activity and size changes. Picking comfy cotton briefs or boxer briefs is a terrific idea for keeping them supported throughout their playtime. 

We Also Have Bralette and Underwear Sets for Your Pre-Teen and Teen 

When you've got a pre-teen or teen at home, they'll also have changing undergarment needs. A bralette is a terrific way to introduce them to bras with comfy, soft fabrics that gently support them as they grow.

These come in two styles with a seamless design for no tag irritation. They contain 62% nylon, 30% polyester, and 8% spandex for a super soft and stretchy undergarment set that will help your kid feel good throughout their activities. 

These also come as a matching set in the cutest colors. Talk about which style your kid's favorite and stock up on their size so that they always have what they need to get ready each day. 

Your Underwear Should be Easy To Wear

Your underwear should fit you. It's not a revolutionary idea, but it's something we believe should be true for you and your family. So don't feel pressured to hold onto old pairs that are wearing thin or losing their comfortability.

Pick out new underwear sets for yourself and your family so that you can stay clean and comfortable every time you pick out a new pair to wear for the day. 



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